Sunday, November 1, 2009


I think I'm losing the baby.
We BD'd yesterday afternoon, and I began to spot again. Didn't think much of it since the midwife said that was normal. Put on a liner and went out. Came home and had to change the liner - more blood than the past and still coming. Took Fuss trick or treating and when we stopped by my mom's later, I needed another one. Looks more like day 2 or 3 of AF. Daddy Fuss and my mom reminded me that I'd been walking around a lot, hadn't rested, etc. So we hoped that rest and a good nights' sleep would stop the bleeding and we'd just lay off the BD for a bit.
It's now morning and it doesn't show any signs of being done. I've had a few cramps, but nothing major. I would have assumed that I would have felt more than this - it feels like a sort of light-to-medium period - shouldn't it be more like a bad one?
I'm sad. And anxious. I don't want to think it's over, but I'm losing faith.

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