Friday, September 30, 2011

7 (Neuroticly Obsessive) Quick Takes

  1. I'm starting to freak out. I have only gotten regrets from my "Please RSVP" note on my party invitation. Granted, even then, it's only been 3 of them and I invited 50 people, but still. AND! My "cousin" (my mom's best friend's daughter - she's "aunt Sharon" to me, so "cousin") is hosting a Thirty-One party the week before. We don't have a lot of friends in common, so that's not an issue, but she was one of my top prospects for both coming AND hosting a party, so that's out. 
  2. And I keep finding these amazing deals for great little things I can put in my hostess gifts, door prizes, and "bring a friend" gifts. But I really think I should stop buying now. I don't even know what all I have at the moment - I need to stop, take stock and put the gifts together to see what I need still and yet, I have all this other stuff that is a higher priority for RIGHT NOW. 
  3. I also keep thinking of cute little ideas to MAKE for said gifts, but then I'm like will people actually like them? I mean, every single one of these things is something I'd like to get, but I am not everyone. And I have a weird obsession with paper and journals and notepads, so there's that, too. And part of what I'd like to promote with my shows is the opportunity to help with organization, so do little things I've made (decorative candles, framed inspirational quotes) really help support that?
  4. What if this doesn't work out? What if I've spent time and money and effort and I fail from the get go? I know that these types of things are not always "easy" since you are only successful if you can continually book parties and you will quickly run out of friends to help you out. 
  5. And that's the other thing. My closest friends? None of them have offered to host a party. I'm going to have to get a little more pushy and I don't really want to! My BF, K, even told me she wanted to do a Pampered Chef party soon, so she couldn't host a party for me. Seriously?
  6. I wanted to do some "bigger" gifts as well, like Starbucks giftcards, and even a couple of products (smaller ones, obviously) from Thirty-One, but I don't really know how to go about getting the freebies since I already placed my big order (I should have thought of this ahead!) and I'm assuming that I will have to send in a minimum order once I get started officially. I wish I didn't have this time limit hanging over my head and I could go ahead and sign my contract NOW. But then, since I'm freaking out about it a little, maybe that's not a good idea, either...
  7. Loyal reader Jessica asked "What is Thirty-One?" in the comments the other day. And I'm happy to explain! Thirty-One is a great little company that sells bags, totes, organizational items, as well as gifts. Many of the items can be personalized. Their selection is fun and functional and it is set up as an in-home product party type of of scenario and their employees/consultants are "independent contractors" so they have the opportunity to work for themselves and be flexible in their schedules. (Think Mary Kay, Party Lite, Pampered Chef etc.)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Never-ending to do list

My first party - my own Kick Off - is scheduled for October 15th, about 2.5 weeks away. I am nervous. I've heard some interest from friends and my husband's co-workers, but my mind constantly flashes back to the first product party I ever hosted in my early 20's (not as a consultant, just as a host) that was Party Lite and only my mom and my sister attended. I was heartbroken. It all worked out in the end (your hostess rewards were based on both sales and getting another booking, so I just booked another party for a date when more people could come), but I remember setting up the house and getting all excited and then the feeling of no one coming... it was bad. So that is my fear, that no one will come. I haven't really started to fret over the whole "what am I going to say to these people?" issue yet, but it's there in the background of my mind!

I've purchased a handful of things to help me present - a black sheet (in lieu of a tablecloth), purse holders, prizes, hostess gifts, etc. I'm still trying to find a few more things and I'm going to be hitting up a great sale/coupon at Michaels this weekend (20% off the whole order, including sale items!) for a bunch of organizational-like calendars and organizers I found. I really want to focus on the organizational aspects of these products. I feel like that is so needed in this society and in my own life that I know others can relate.

The invites are being mailed out today, though several of the hand-delivered ones have already been handed out. My best friends are getting theirs tomorrow when I will be seeing them anyway.

I'm both nervous and excited about this. I'm also a little nervous since I just found out that one of the friends I was counting on to book wants to put off scheduling it for awhile because she had already committed to hosting a Partylite party in October. So I really only have a couple of bookings (2) plus my own.

But I feel like it's going to work out okay. I hope.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tummy Drama

I have gastrointestinal issues. I always have. So there's often at least a little tummy trouble around this house. But over the past few days, my tummy has been the least troubled.

Both kids got sick over the weekend - seemingly random, both threw up during the night on Friday night/Saturday morning and no one got much sleep. I blamed it on a bad bottle of apple juice, but then on Sunday, my husband started getting sick and spent about 12 hours near a bucket or in the bathroom. He got little sleep and once his stomach stopped purging, he slept most of the day.

The baby had more troubles over the weekend, but seemed better by yesterday. Fuss seemed fine over the weekend, but started with troubles (not vomiting, though) yesterday. And last night... oh dear. She repeatedly woke screaming in pain. I can't tell you how I felt when I heard her - it was awful. And she was so tired so it took forever to calm her and get her to stop wailing. She was hurting so much and we're fairly positive it was simply a ton of gas built up in her belly. She feels so much better this morning, but slept in until 8:30.

Here's to hoping that the tummy drama is over around here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

After some (minor) drama in getting it moving, I finally got my Thirty-One order submitted last night. For $150 I got nearly $500 in product once I factored in my Hostess rewards (credit and half-priced items) and it's a great business investment PLUS I get a bunch of fun, useful stuff! Yay!

And then this morning I realized that I should have ordered a pen case to hold all my pens, but I'll get that the next time around.

Anyhow, I am so psyched about this. And part of my excitement is that my husband is also really excited for me. He sat down the other night and said, "I have something I need to say," and I thought he was going to tell me to slow down, not get so caught up, quit buying the stuff until my contract was signed (I've been searching for and buying hostess gifts, supplies, etc.) But he told me that he was really excited for me, he was so happy to see me doing something that was making me happy, that he was proud of me for taking the leap and making steps to do this, etc. He pointed out that 3 months ago, I wouldn't have (because of the way I was feeling, etc.) and he's so happy that things seem to be moving forward. He's such a supportive husband! I am blessed and lucky to have him.

On the other hand, some of my excitement is tempered by the fact that no one else from my initial list of "might possibly book a party" friends has offered to do so! I sent out the email Thursday, I think, and while I do have 4 shows committed (the minimum to sign up) I was hoping to get at least 2 more before my big kick off. At this point, I'd be happy with one. But it will happen! I'm (somewhat) confident!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grrr. Argh. and then something good.

Last night I was stressed, grumpy, achy, frustrated. I don't know if it was hormonal, chemical, exhaustion or what. I took a bath. I picked up my Kindle and soaked for awhile. It helped my aches. But as I went to sit up, I put my hand on the soap holder and ended up pulling it down on top of me. So there's a whole in the wall of our shower. And a leak in the faucet. And I think I'll just go sit down and cry now, thanks.

I had a rough morning. I was rushing around and the baby was fussing (his favorite thing to do these days) and Fuss was dawdling and I had to go to Bible study... I didn't want to go. I was grumpy about the subject matter (Genesis/Creation - something I've studied a million times through school) but I really wanted to have this extra time with my friend Kat and it IS 90 minutes of free babysitting while I get to talk intelligently with other adults, so I made myself go. I had to stop at 7/11 to get a cup of Coke. (because of course, I didn't have any caffeine in the house!) I also didn't have my "homework" done - so I had to rush in the car and finish answering at least some more of the questions.

Once I got there, I still felt so rushed and pushed and my head was pounding (lack of caffeine) and I just didn't want to be there. BUT once the discussion started... I got into it. I got passionate about it and it was really good. I took notes during the lecture that followed (never a strong suit of mine in high school or college, but at least I won't be tested on this!) and it was really good.

At the end of the lecture, I picked up the kids and made plans for a play date next week with Kat. I struggled to get the kids in the car (diaper bag, bag with my stuff, baby who doesn't walk, toddler who does...) and came home. I arrived home and settled the kids down (Little Man missed his nap this morning and consequently fell asleep in the car, so I plopped him in his crib when we got home) and found an email from my friend April (thanks again!) who told me she was willing to do a party for my new business! I have my 4 parties now, so I can get started! That really helped my mood.

I ate my carryout sushi (from last night) and my dad came over to look at the bathroom catastrophe. I'm hoping the rest of the day continues to improve! I have cake class tonight, but I need to dump this headache before then, ideally.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am starting a business - as a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts so I've been very distracted of late getting things ready! But! Today, I have a recipe to share that I found on Pinterest and it is yummy, yummy! (I promise, I made some myself. I'm also already plotting how to get a mini-loaf pan to give this stuff away for Christmas gifts, too!) So I thought I'd share in lieu of a real, post!

Cinnamon Sugar Bread
1 cup white sugar
1/3 cup white sugar (divide it out, as you need some for the batter and some for the "filling")
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup white sugar
1 egg, beaten
1 cup milk
1/3 cup vegetable oil

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly grease a 9x5 inch loaf pan.
In large bowl combine flour, baking powder, salt and 1 cup sugar. Add egg, milk, and oil to flour mixture.
Stir until just moistened.
Pour half of the batter into pan.
Sprinkle with cinnamon and 1/3 cup sugar (you can mix together cinnamon and sugar before hand, I didn't though I just sprinkled away).
Cover with remaining batter.
Top with more cinnamon/sugar if desired.
Bake in preheated oven for 45 to 50 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into center of the loaf comes out clean.
Let cool in pan for 10 minutes before removing to a wire rack to cool completely.
Wrap in foil and let sit overnight before slicing (I sliced off pieces then wrapped the rest of the loaf in foil).

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Review

I went to a product party this weekend. Technically, my mom and I were co-hosting. But, while I'd seen the products before (and even owned a couple, thanks to gifts from my mom) I'd never been to one of the parties before. My mom kept telling me that I should consider selling this stuff. And now I am. I will be signing up to be a consultant with this company - more on this later. But I'm very excited. I'm just nervous. I know I can get up in front of people and talk about the products, but my concern about these things is always - will I get more bookings? And once I've hit up all my friends to book parties, then what? My mom can and will only host so many, you know?

I took Fuss to her first movie-theater movie this weekend. They did a short-term re-release of The Lion King in theaters to promote the release of the Blu-Ray version coming out. I hadn't seen it in theaters before (on video, but missed it in the theater) so it was a new experience for me as well. She loved it. She loved the theater experience, the popcorn, the seats, the big screen. She behaved wonderfully and excitedly asked "can we see it again?" as the credits rolled and the lights came up at the end.

We had a bad week last week here at Casa Fuss. Fuss has just been very difficult lately and the tantrums and the disobedience have gotten out of control. Things improved over the weekend with the constant monitoring/teaching of both parents on her, but between that and my PMS last week (I started on Friday) I think we have found the reason for my horrible week last week. I no longer feel as if I need to sell her to science, so things are looking up!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I need this to stop

I feel like I'm living off of caffeine and chocolate and the occasional handful of goldfish. I'm not eating. I'm not hungry. I eat dinner because my husband is home and it's the thing to do.

I've had a few really bad days. Today I wasn't so much depressed as anxious. Where'd that come from? Sure, I was walking into a new experience (Bible study with a friend at a new church) but seriously, I felt like I was having a panic attack. I was tense and started getting hot flashes... it was so weird.

I want this to be over. I don't want to deal with this any more. I am tired all the time. I don't seem to ever get enough sleep. I just want to sleep.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ranting about nothing

Yesterday was a good day. Today not so much.

I went out to the craft store yesterday and got inspiration for homemade Christmas presents and bought some water color paints for Fuss. She had a blast painting this morning. And things were okay until she got real whiny and demanding today and then I just SNAPPED. My house is a disaster. You would not believe the mess/chaos that is all around me and I just... don't know where to begin. I hate it.

I got lost in Pinterest and Bejeweled this morning to "hide" and I hate that, too. I hate that I don't want to talk to my kids when I'm stressed. I hate that I get upset with them over accidents (like when the baby knocked over the water color water this morning because we hadn't put the paints away yet (she was finishing the painting she was doing when he got up from his nap) and I yelled. I feel like there is nothing good in me right now. Which is crazy, because up until about 7:30 yesterday things were peachy and happy around here. What the heck is wrong with me?

It's like I just don't want to do this anymore.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whirlwind out of the east

Raise your hand if you assumed I forgot I had a blog... no one? Oh, that's probably because all my readers have disappeared due to my unscheduled hiatus.

This is going to have to be quick, because I'm on a time-crunch, but here's my last few weeks in bullets with a few pics thrown in to help with the monotony:

  • Little Man's birthday: he turned one, he had a party (which went very well!) and he got dedicated. He had his well-check (22 lbs, 5oz, 29.25" tall) and is starting to pull up and stand while leaning on things. We lowered his crib, he got 2 more teeth (at once - he's up to 6 now) and he got his first pair of Stride Rite shoes. And even those seem like they might still be too narrow.

  • I got my haircut. I loved it in the salon, though I was a little surprised as she kept cutting away at my hair, but it's cute, it's at least a little different (as I told her that I had had the same haircut since I was 4 and wanted something different without sacrificing my versatility). I loved it, I hated it, I tolerated it and I've embraced it. (All in 8 days!) I'm currently rocking the semi-big hair look that reminds me of my mom in her 30s, but hey! I'm in my 30s. I can pull it off. :)
  • Fuss: is still fussy, she's 3, she's a whirlwind of cuteness, sass, and trouble, but I love her. She began dancing school (ballet/tap/tumbling) this week and is loving it.

  • I'm on the MOPS committee this year, so that's kept me busy. We have our kick-off tomorrow and I'm already worn out. But it's fun, it gets me socializing more, gets me active at church, and lets me socialize.

  • I'm still taking cake decorating classes. I love them and I'm about to start one that focuses mostly on fondant. Yay!

  • Our street has been flooding regularly lately due to some drainage issues and my husband unfortunately flooded his car last week. Thanks to an old friend who used to be a mechanic, it is running once again and all seems to be well. We haven't reported it to the insurance company, so I'm thinking it won't show up on the record for when we need to resell it. Not that we're planning to do so any time soon, but nonetheless.