Friday, November 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. There has been an explosion of language from my nearly two-year-old. I remember my speech pathologist friend, Cherry, tell me that there is "an explosion" of language "around 18 months" but I didn't really get what she meant and for us it happened around 20 months. Oh. My. And of course, now she wants to USE those words, too, so whenever she sees something that she knows the word for, she has to tell me about it. "Ball! Ball! Ball!" every time we see a - you guessed it - ball (or a circle, because circles are balls, too, you know). "Wuh-why!" she cheers when she sees a butterfly. I can't hardly take her to Target - when we pass the Pet Department it's "Mow! Woof! Woof! Mow!" or the Baby Department (where half the stuff has either sports balls, animals or girlie bugs) so I hear "Bee?! Moo?! Ball! Wuh-why!" It's fun, but a long trip can get rather noisy!

2. My mom has been wearing a butterfly (wuh-why!) necklace for years. Her ex-boyfriend gave it to her (the most serious one after my dad) and she wore it constantly for years. When she got remarried (to someone else, thank goodness) I thought it was inappropriate to continue wearing it, but she loved it, so she kept doing it. I offered to buy her a new butterfly, but she insisted that that one was so perfect, blah, blah. This past weekend, though she finally found one at an art festival and she was wearing it today. I'm incredibly glad that the other is gone. Her new one is spectacular, too - blue opal and crystals. I've never been so happy for her to get rid of a piece of jewelry. (It's not gone, in theory, but I'm hoping it will be hanging out much less often.)

3. We bought Fuss a "Big Girls Use the Potty!" book. We seem to be surrounded by almost two-year-olds being potty trained and I'm hoping that she will take to it soon and easily. Don't worry, I'm not holding my breath.

4. I went to Babies R Us today with my mom, the main goal to buy gifts for the 2 baby showers coming this month and the second goal to look for and price the needs and wants of Fuss (bedrails for a big-girl bed, babydolls and blocks, etc.) I really want to get her a baby doll, but the dolls these days are either too technical (I'm creeped out every time I walk down the babydoll aisle at Target and these dolls start crawling in place due to their motion sensors) or ugly or with hair that will not tolerate my active toddler. Anybody got any suggestions?

5. We're going to a soup and games party tonight with our Sunday School class. Each couple is bringing a soup and a game and there are no kids allowed. We got a babysitter and everything.

6. Have I mentioned that Fuss loves the music to the NCIS theme? Whenever it comes on (and Veterans Day, for example, they had a marathon on USA network) she dances and dances like crazy to the music. She'll stop what she's doing or race into the room if she hears it suddenly. So cute.

7. We've had a bit of a cold front this week, and we're breaking out the long sleeves, light jackets and starting to leave the doors open (screen doors closed) to enjoy the cooler air. I love this time of year. It's not so cold that my teeth are chattering, but it is a nice break from the usual heat that Florida is known for.

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