Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I miss being pregnant.
This is a strange thing to say because while I was pregnant, I barely felt pregnant and what I felt wasn't fun. But every time I think about what it was like to be pregnant and the nice parts of my pregnancy with Fuss, I am sad that I am no longer that way.

I want a baby. This is no surprise, since we were in fact trying to have a baby when we got pregnant, but I really wanted to be pregnant right now. Several friends are pregnant - one who's baby will be about 3 months older than mine would have been and who's baby will be born within days of when mine would have been. A friend of mine from the pregnancy message board who has a daughter a few months older than Fuss got her BFP within a week or so of mine and I was so looking forward to going through this with her again.

I'm seriously considering trying again this month instead of waiting a month. Maybe that's crazy. It probably is. And I don't know that Daddy Fuss would be on board.

Every time I think about a tiny newborn, I ache to hold it in my arms. And I'm surrounded by upcoming newborn babies. I saw a tiny new born today - a friend's less than 3 week old, 7 lb baby. He was adorable, but made me think about my baby that I'll never get to hold.

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