Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Stuff on a Wednesday

1. My friend Jo had her baby yesterday after successfully completing a home birth VBAC. Her little girl was born healthy and fine and while the way she tells the story, it was WAY more intense than she thought it was going to be, I think it all went well.

2. My daughter has begun to notice the marketing, even on PBS where really the only major sponsors are the "Raisin Lady" (Sunmade Raisins) and now she looks in the pantry and asks for raisins and says "there's the Raisin Lady, right there!"

3. She has taken to making up songs and singing them to me/us several times a day. She tries to get us to sing along, but usually they are gibberish with no real tune, so we can either say we don't know that song or we can just make up something as she dances and sings and bee-bops around.

4. I just finished Take Three by Karen Kingsbury and I think it might be one of her best so far. She did an incredible job of making you want more (there is another book in the series) and also satisfying you with the story lines moving forward in the direction you were SO ready to have them move in. It also looks like she is finally going to show a good side of a positive, domestic adoption (in several of her books, I feel like she is giving such a bad light to those, and I feel like she's not giving them justice.)

5. My Gramma gave me some money yesterday to buy something for Fuss. She said either something fun or diapers or whatever she needs. She always needs diapers, of course, but the only other things she REALLY needs right now is another pair of shoes. Since we are still buying predominantly Stride Rite shoes, the money will only pay for about half, but that would still be useful! But at the same time, I would love to get her something fun, too - my top thoughts are either this plastic tea party set I've seen that she seems really interested in or an Abby Cadabby doll I saw recently that she was enamored with at a restaurant the other day. I want to get her something for when the baby comes (or the showers, not sure yet) so she doesn't feel like she is the only one not getting presents, etc. Decisions, decisions.

6. Work today. And then we are meeting my husband for lunch. I'm hoping for sushi, since we just discovered that our favorite local sushi restaurant went out of business when we tried to get some on Monday night. I am bummed.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 on Tuesday 6-29-10

1. What was/is your favorite live action (meaning not animated) kids movie?
The Parent Trap with Hayley Mills (cannot stand the Disney-remake Girl, aka Lindsey Lohan)

2. What is a bad habit you have? Are you working on breaking it?
Trying to complete other peoples' sentences/thoughts during a conversation. I think I do it to both hurry them along and also to let them know I get what they're saying. I'm working on being more conscious of it and stopping myself.

3. Describe your father in 3 words.
Skilled, stubborn, hard-working.

4. Which character in the Breakfast Club were you most like in the ’80s?
Clare. I wasn't as privileged, but I was as girlie.

5. Name 5 songs you know ALL the lyrics to.
Seasons of Love, You are My Sunshine, Because You Loved Me, Where You Lead, My Immortal

6. Do you make pancakes from scratch or a box mix?
I order them from a restaurant.

7. What was your worst job ever? Why?
Designing marketing postcards

8. What was your favorite class in high school?
Choir? Journalism? If you're talking traditional academic class, I'd say American English Lit in 11th grade. If you're talking where I learned the most, Sr Social Studies. The others are where I had the most enjoyment. :)

9. Favorite summer guilty pleasure?
Used to be soap operas, now? I have no idea. Maybe being lazy around the house and blaming it on the heat?

10. Please share your best money saving tip!
Budget and only spend cash for the budgeted stuff, you can't use your debit card. It's more obvious when you physically see that your money is gone/limited than when you use the debit card and forget little purchases, etc.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

In the rich man's world...

Do you know how rough it is to argue about money with a man who is pretty generous? It's annoying. It's annoying because you feel like a selfish wench. When he wants to pay for everybody's meal when we go out to dinner w/ family, or pay for an expensive lunch for two when he meets up with the best man from our wedding (who has $5 in his savings account) to talk about a business opportunity said friend has coming up... or forgive a HUGE debt his mother owes us, despite the fact that she makes US pay back every penny if we owe her for something...

And it's not so much an argument, as it is a discussion (my husband is always calm... unless he's behind the wheel of a car...) but I feel like a very low human being when I question these choices.

We both have the problem of spending an extra 2, 3, 5, 10 dollars and have gotten bad about sticking perfectly to our budget (as we were doing pretty well in the last 3 years) and now we have to get back into the habit of watching more closely. Sometimes it makes me mad. Sometimes I just want what I want when I want it and I envy my friends who either have so much they can do that or are totally fine w/ just racking up the debt so they can live the way they want to... I don't want to end up in debt - I love that we have gotten out of that - but sometimes it would be nice to just do what I want.

Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Quick Takes: It's been a rough week

1. Fuss has had a difficult week. Bad attitude, contrariness, tantrums, etc. Her afternoon naps have been shorter than they've been over the recent weeks and I don't know if that is a contributing factor (I always let her wake on her own) or if there is some sort of growth or developmental spurt at play and we're going into/coming out of it at this point and so that's what's up. Let's just say that I cannot handle another week like this. I was actually sad to see that today was Friday (and not Saturday) since I feel this week has gone on entirely too long already.

2. I have 2 friends who were due with their babies this week and one popped in the middle of the night last night! Congrats to N! Welcome to the world, little girl!

3. My goal is to be a little more zen in the "could this be preterm labor?" dept. I don't want another trip to the hospital if I can avoid it (until delivery, of course!) so I'm going to stop counting the contractions unless they really HURT. Had one of those yesterday, but since it never reappeared, I'm good to go!

4. I am not sleeping well. I have trouble getting comfortable at all hours of the night, despite daily fatigue, and typically get few than 3 hours of GOOD sleep per night, plus somewhere between 30-60 minutes of a nap during the day. This is not ideal for me.

5. The construction on my house/new room is at a (temporary, I hope) standstill because of an unexpected (sort of) work-related issue my dad has to deal with. I am not thrilled. I am ready to have some walls again. My mom keeps offering her handyman's services (she has a terrific guy who has done a ton of work for her, and I think he's great, but I don't know if we can afford to add his labor costs to the costs of the supplies since that wasn't part of the plan originally). I have actually had a few moments where I wondered if I could go out there and do it myself (but the answer is no. I have no skill w/ a saw)

6. My kitchen is a disaster area. And I have little motivation. I wonder what happened to all that motivation/energy from the past few weeks?

7. I got my first sunburn in awhile. And it was due to my own stupidity. How else would you describe taking my daughter swimming from 11:15-12:15 in a fully-sunny pool and not going ahead and asking my friend to put some sunscreen on my back, even though I thought about it twice? Brilliant. That's me!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am the adult

I mentioned yesterday that Tuesday was a really rough day around here at Casa Fuss. I really only skimmed the details in my random summary. I was a mess.

I couldn't stop crying. I felt completely out of control. I wanted to curl into a ball and hide (but when I laid down, my nose would plug up so much from the copious amounts of fluid draining from my face that I couldn't breathe. That was fun, too.) and I felt like I had to get away from my daughter. When she would inevitably follow me around the house, she would see that I was crying, begin crying too and ask "what wrong, Mommy?" and I couldn't tell her the truth. That she was driving me crazy.

When she would lean in to hug me and tell me "I love you, bery much," (sic) I would repeat back to her "I love you, too, sweetie," but what I really wanted was to say "that's nice - now please leave me alone." In those moments she was being so sweet, all I wanted was for her to go away and leave me in peace for a few minutes. But I knew that this wasn't truly her fault. That it was likely my weirded out pregnancy hormones that were messing me up and that hormones plus lack of decent sleep were catching up to me and that being mean to her was likely going to cause more damage than anything else. I didn't want to be mean to her, I just wanted some space.

I am the adult here. I am the one who has to make sure that my words aren't going to be taken in the wrong way. I am the one who has to make sure that the things I say don't get misconstrued into years of hurt on either side.

I don't like being the adult. I wanted to be selfish and walk away. I wanted to emotionally punish her for misbehaving and being a brat, but I know better (and she only sort of does.) So I was the adult.

I know my husband wasn't sure what to do. I was miffed at him for not offering to stay home with me, but at the same time, I wouldn't have wanted to stay home with me either. And logically, I knew that he had a ton of work to do at the office, and was really taking more time than he should to sit there, hold my hand, wipe away my tears and calm me down. He also left the door open for me to ask him to stay several times, but my crazy brain wanted him to be the one to make the offer. (I almost never play those games with him. When I want something, even if it doesn't always make sense, I usually come out and tell him. I hate playing those games where women say "if you don't know what's wrong, I'm not going to tell you" because I think that's ridiculous and childish. But on Tuesday, my logic wasn't working and I wanted to be a little childish.)

I think one of the things that bothered me so much about the whole thing was that I had been feeling like things were very much improving in the way Fuss and I interacted. Things had been under control for a good while now, where my impatience wasn't getting the better of the situation and I was able to stay calm and in control when she would escalate her outbursts. I was beginning to think that I would be able to handle two kids - maybe not easily from the get-go (because there is ALWAYS a learning curve), but that I wasn't going to be so screwed up over it that I was going to have to give one them away or something. Today challenged that. Today made me wonder if I could be a parent of 2. Today made me wonder - and fear - what my days would be like trying to juggle a newborn and a tantruming toddler.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Stuff on a Wednesday

1. We finally replaced our broken box-spring this weekend. We have a Sleep Number Bed, which I love, but the box-spring that comes with it is a plastic frame and overlapping platform (it arrives in pieces) that somehow, over the last 5 years of use, we broke. (there was a gigantic hole in the plastic when Daddy Fuss took it out to the trash last night. Huh. No idea what caused that) Because it's a pro-rated warranty after the first 2 years (no one ever explained that to us when we bought the bed, and I think it might be kind of a rip) it would have cost us approximately $120 to replace it with the same type of pieces/equivalent of what we had before. We didn't want to pay that, so we bought a regular box-spring from a discount mattress warehouse and replaced our SN box spring with this regular one. Suddenly, there is no longer a HUGE dent in the middle of the bed! But I think we accidentally filled my side of the mattress too firm, so I'm going to have to fix that (my back is killing me!) but I'm glad to have a flat bed again!

2. Failed my 1-hour glucose test and have to go back in for the 3-hour version. I'm seriously bummed.

3. I feel huge. And unweildy. And similar to a beached whale. This is ridiculous!

4. Monday night, I spent the evening at the hospital's anti-partum unit being assessed for some pains I had had in the late afternoon. It took forever to get there/get in/be assessed and all ended up being for naught, as there was nothing wrong and my pains had long since ceased by the time I got into the assessment room. We didn't get home until almost 11 o'clock and we hadn't eaten dinner. Fuss stayed with my mom and got to bed late, too, but had a good time anyway.

5. Tuesday was a real low point for me. Fuss started her day fine, but ended up making a royal disaster out of her breakfast (she covered her legs in yogurt - I don't think she ate more than a bite or two), and then began to throw temper tantrums over and over about one little thing or another. (She insisted on wearing panties and then proceeded to wet herself 5 times in less than 3 hours before she would finally acquiesce to a diaper. And she wouldn't tell me when she had to go or even WHEN she was going or had already gone, so she was dampening my new rug all morning. She wouldn't listen to instructions, requests, etc. We went through several bouts of training/crying/etc. She wouldn't even talk to her father on the phone (which often calms her down/settles her down when I just can't take it any more) and I had a bit of a breakdown. I couldn't stop crying. Daddy Fuss ended up getting in his car and using his entire lunch break (and then some) to get us both settled down and try and bring me back my sanity a little. He changed her diaper, fed her lunch, and plopped her in front of the TV to watch a Clifford DVD until nap time. I couldn't stop crying. I'd get myself under control and a few minutes later, it would start up again. I was terrified. I was terrified of my toddler. Of being left alone with her. Of not being able to handle her outbursts. I was scared I was going slowly crazy. And she'd start crying when she saw me crying, so we were both perpetuating the cycle. I ended up locking her in the house (before my husband got home) and sitting outside in the heat for a few minutes to regain my composure. I hate feeling like this and I don't really know what came over me.

6. And that was just the morning.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 on Tuesday 6-22-10

1. If you could trade lives with another blogger for a day, who would it be and why?

I have no idea. I think most bloggers begin their blogs by wanting to chronicle some stressful (if sometimes also joyous) event in their lives and I don't know that I'd want to trade my own stress for theirs. I guess the closest I could come would be Arwen, but honestly, I'd rather BE Arwen for a day than trade places with her. She has such a peace about her, and I know that comes from her faith, but I really feel like she's just really good at it.

2. Do you prefer receiving handmade or store bought gifts? Be honest!

It depends on who it's from! I have received some incredibly creative, thoughtful gifts from talented and creative people over the years. I have also received some crap! So, if the gift is thoughtful and well-made and makes sense as to why the person is giving it to another person, I think homemade gifts are great. If they are making some cheesy thing just to have something to give, I'd rather not have it - or anything - at all, since I am at a place where I don't need more "stuff."
3. Would you rather camp or stay in a hotel?

A hotel. Hands down. My few experiences with camping have all held some disaster or another and I am proud to call myself a girlie-girl who likes her niceties. Though my husband has already warned me that if we end up having 4 kids or something, a nice RV/camper is likely in our future if we want to take vacations. Often, the thought gives me the heebie jeebies after my mom telling her (fond) memories of camping w/ her family growing up - I'm just too high maintenance for that! But I'm certainly willing to give it a try!

4. What’s your favorite comfort food?

Depends on the mood, of course, but something carb-y to start. Mashed potatoes is often something I really want when I want comfort. Cheese fries. Occasionally chocolate. I'm a food-addict, so I have cravings even when I'm not pregnant and often really want SOME specific thing...

5. You’re having a really bad day at work. How do you unwind when you come home?

When not pregnant, I confess it used to involve alcohol. One glass of wine or a margarita or something. But there is also a lot of TV and depending on the amount of stress and if I need release or I need to let it wash off me, a hot shower or some love-making with my husband.

6. What’s your favorite chore? (Or, the chore you hate the least)
Doing Fuss's laundry. I remember before she was born, getting so excited to wash her new little clothes as I got them as gifts from showers or bought them myself. I figured I'd get over the novelty of tiny clothes and end up not really liking it eventually, but it hasn't happened yet. There is something about these little clothes - often soft and pretty - that makes me smile as I work to get them clean for her, fold them, and put them away in her drawers. Of course, laundry (minus the folding) is probably one of my least disliked chores anyhow, but I actually enjoy doing her laundry. I also like cleaning the bathroom (as long as the toilet isn't too disgusting) in a way because when you have a clean bathroom, you can always tell. You get the immediate satisfaction of being able to say "this is done and it looks like it" instead of some of the more monotonous chores that you can't always tell when they are done (vacuuming, for example.)

7. What got you interested in blogging?
Reading other blogs. I think my first one was Julie at alittlepregnant. I was thinking really hard about getting pregnant and because of my family history, I always assumed I would have trouble getting pregnant (my parents tried for me for 4 years, my grandmother had been told that she would NEVER get pregnant, though they were very wrong.) and I wanted to see how other people handled it. At that point, I don't know that I knew that such a thing existed - online diaries that were open to the public? About really personal issues? But then, I wanted to chronicle my own attempts at getting a baby and I really enjoyed the writing outlet.

8. Are you currently reading a book? What is it?

The only one that is current (if you'd asked me 2 days ago, I would have another answer) is a re-read of the breast-feeding book "So That's What They're For" by Janet Tamaro.

9. Do you have a favorite artist?

My grandmother got me hooked on the Wyeth family one summer when she took my mom and I on this vacation where went to Maine and visited a whole bunch of art galleries as we drove up to Canada. I also like Thomas Kincaid, but am annoyed that every shop that sells art seems to have a gazillion copies of his paintings, etc. But they are beautiful. I also like some commercial photographers - like Anne Geddes and Kim Anderson - I just really enjoy what they do with their subjects. (I was really into black and white, hand-tinted photography for awhile myself, so I absolutely LOVED Kim Anderson - I wanted to BE Kim Anderson in college).

10. Have you ever met someone famous?
I think the closest I've come to meeting someone famous is meeting a few popular local reporters/newscasters over the years when that was what I wanted to do with my career. I know the first time I met one of the more popular local newscasters I remember thinking "I thought he'd be taller." I also met Jaci Velesquez (a Christian singer) and got her autograph when I was visiting my would-be Christian college in high school for a preview weekend.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

About a Dad

I kinda hate shopping for Father's Day cards for my dad. Mostly because, while we have a great relationship right now, we didn't have very much of a relationship when I was younger. So when looking for a mushy card (the kind that my daddy prefers - and truth be told, so do I) it's hard to find ones that don't wax poetical about how the father was there through thick and thin and taught you all those milestones through childhood, etc. and... my dad didn't. He was around when I was a kid (my parents didn't divorce until my 20s) but he was a workaholic and there were a lot of years where I think he just didn't know what to do with me/how to relate to me. (say, from about ages 5-17) Our relationship really developed when my parents were going through their divorce - which, in my opinion was the only good result in their divorce in the first place. (though I adore my step-parents too) I've always been a Daddy's Girl at heart, though, always wanting to please my dad, thinking he was a hero, and respecting him as a man. There have been years, even as an adult, that I bought him little girl cards instead of adult-daughter to father cards.

This year I was able to find one that talked about the bond between father and daughter and how they have a special relationship and that the best way to tell him how I feel is to say "I love you." So it was perfect. (Fuss got him one that talked about how she wanted to be able to fix things, too, just like Grandpa - which seemed especially appropriate since he's been taking things apart at the house while doing the work on the new room and she keeps telling him he broke things. She drew him a very convincing picture of a scribbled umbrella - she really just did some random scribbles, but it looked very much like an umbrella and we had been using the umbrella off and on all morning in the rain, so when I said "it looks like an umbrella!" she told him it was an umbrella. He liked it, but I think he would have liked anything she did)

Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes on My Anniversary

1. Today is my 5 year anniversary. We are headed out of town. Aunt J is staying with Fuss and we are going to enjoy the better part of 2 days without being parents. I am in need of a break and I think, maybe, she is too. Things have been tough this week, for all of us.

2. Today would have been my official due date with Numfar. I don't think about it much, these days, but sometimes the longing is tough. But then, it wouldn't be the baby I am carrying and I know God is in control of all. He has a plan, He knows what could have been and what should be and I can trust Him for that.

3. Yesterday I was BUSY. I had errands to run and didn't quite get all of them done, but I got the most important ones completed, so that is what counts the most!

4. Daddy Fuss is taking my van in for an oil change this morning, since we are past due and we don't want to put the extra miles on it before taking care of it. I am so grateful to him for taking care of these little things, sometimes! It is SO hard to get the van into the shop for a regular oil change with Fuss in tow. We used to just drop off one car, and the other person would pick the driver up and we could go do what we wanted to do. Now that involves switching car seats to a car in which it doesn't really fit very well and that is more trouble than it's worth. So he is sitting in the shop, waiting for them to do the van while I am at home finishing up details like packing.

5. I don't think I'll have the energy to climb the lighthouse this trip. But we may take the tour at the fort. St. Augustine is the oldest city in Florida and it's full of some great historical landmarks. But mostly? I want to relax. And eat. And rest and relax some more.

6. I finally bought a second pair of maternity shorts yesterday. There was no way I was going to survive the summer with only one pair of shorts - eventually they have to go into the laundry and I have officially decided that it is too warm for jeans. This is weird for me, since a few years ago I didn't even OWN any shorts because I hated the way my legs looked. (I still do, but now I feel that my comfort should transcend my vanity.) I would mostly rather wear next-to-nothing, but since that is frowned upon in public (and I REALLY don't look good enough for that - sometimes vanity DOES have to win), I need shorts and tanks. It's unfortunate that maternity clothes have to cost so much, when you only really wear them for a short time (and I wear them as long as possible, trust me), but I had to bite the bullet and just DO IT this time.

7. How did my house get to be such a mess again? It was looking fabulous a week ago. This is going to drive me crazy.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Too Darn Hot.

I don't think it is fair for my 2 favorite bloggers to go on vacation at the same time. Granted, Julia typically only posts once or sometimes twice a week, so I probably wouldn't be getting regular posts from her at this time, anyway, but geez. Maggie, on the other hand is typically a 5-day a week-er and I miss her.

The heat and humidity and general mugginess of the outdoors these days is taking every bit of energy I've got. I often skip the outdoors anyway, but I've been trying to keep my dad company more often lately since he's doing all this work on our house/new room and I feel bad that I can't help and my DH's hours don't often allow him to help much either. The other night my dad was here until after 7:00, and we agreed to go pick up the supplies from Home Depot for the next day. I was so hot and tired and I was really hoping Daddy Fuss would offer to take me out (for sushi) since it was late and something (I thought) was complicated was on the menu. He ended up simplifying it and doing it on the grill instead of cooking over the stove, but even still, I was SO tired I could barely put Fuss to bed. Once she was tucked in, I collapsed into the recliner and parked myself there for an hour.

Thankfully, today we had a really nice afternoon shower, which brought in some breeze and somehow ate up some of the mugginess. The rest of the afternoon was downright pleasant feeling (despite the lack of true sunshine) and I'm not feeling quite so drained this time around, despite the huge quantity of laundry I have accomplished this afternoon (and dishes, etc.).

I still want the sushi. But I think he's bringing me home some Krispy Kremes this evening, so that will help. I also still have to go to Target this evening, since Fuss was really not in the mood after we left work this morning and I obliged and took her home.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Things on a Wednesday

1. Leg cramps. Ugh.

2. My dad is doing the concrete to level out the floor. It looks like backbreaking work and I'm guessing he's wishing he'd done this back in March or April! But it's coming along.

3. Just a couple more days until our anniversary trip! I cannot wait!

4. I have this spa package thing that expires in early September (when the baby is due) and I haven't yet done ANYTHING on it yet. Where is the time? Seems crazy that I haven't had the chance to do any of the relaxing, pleasant things on this list of items that I paid for... I am determined to get at least SOME of it done before the summer is over, but I have to come up with a babysitter in order to do them...

5. I came across this blog on school lunches in public schools yesterday and I am fascinated. I am reading it backwards, but it is really interesting. I went to a local private school growing up and was never impressed by the food there (by high school I skipped lunch entirely most days and would have either a snack and a drink or just a drink each day and have a better-tasting snack after school.) Anyway, I've discovered that I have some strong opinions on the logic of school lunches, etc. I confess, I do have a family friend who works in the school lunch industry and her info has made me take it all in with a different perspective than I would have otherwise, but even still. This blogger apparently usually eats rather healthily (she comments a couple of times that she got an unusual craving for pizza delivery which she hadn't had in over a year) and I cannot say the same for myself, though we try and have balanced meals most days and I serve Fuss very few high-sugar items, ever.

6. My dog is not feeling well. He hasn't had a meal in 2 days and yesterday he was extremely lethargic, which is not like him at all. If he doesn't eat tonight or tomorrow morning, I will have to take him to the vet. He seems to be improving slightly today - getting a little more energy, wagging his tail a lot more, trying to converse with the neighbor dog, but I am concerned. He tends to get an upset tummy, throw up once or twice and go without kibble for a day or so about twice a year, but this is much longer than usual and I am worried.

7. The glucose test went fine, but I won't know how I did for awhile (my appointment is over a week away. I don't know if my Dr's office will tell me ahead of time or not) but I know I was miserable by the time I left the lab - no caffeine or food until after 9:30 put my headache in the point of no return and I had to take a pill.

8. I cannot wait for my anniversary trip. I need a break. I need to get away. I am not in a happy mood at the moment and I need this.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. What would the title of your autobiography be?
Hmmm. Good one. I have no idea. The Friendly Redhead? Not very interesting, so I doubt anyone would read it.

2. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard a child say or seen him/her do?
I'm sure there are funnier things, but I absolutely laugh out loud every time my daughter walks into a room and says "I stop by, I stop by, I stop by." She always repeats it a minimum of 3 times, I have no idea why. But it's endearing, somehow.

3. What is your favorite kids game to play?
The high-5 game where you go "up high, down low - too slow!" is a favorite right now. But if you're talking about board/card game, probably Uno or Clue (do those count as kids games? We played them as a family when I was little)

4. If you got invited to a potluck BBQ tomorrow, what would you bring?
Probably Mexican Layer Dip w/ chips. We make killer dips in this house. Our friends almost always ask us to bring one of our dips to parties, etc. Our most famous is the pizza dip, but that wouldn't do as well at a BBQ since it's hot and BBQs are usually outside in the heat.

5. If your ears are pierced, how old were you when you got your ears pierced?
I got my ears pierced as my 7th birthday present. It wasn't quite my birthday yet, so technically, I was still 6, but I was nearly 7.

6. If you were celebrating your 30th anniversary, where would you want to go?
New Orleans. But then, he's been promising to take me to New Orleans since our honeymoon! We're planning on going for our 10th.

7. What one blogger would you love to meet and why? And what would you want to plan to do with them?
Maggie. I'm dying to meet Maggie. :) Honestly, if we didn't live on completely opposite sides of the country, I think we would be great friends. And, providing I wasn't pregnant at the time of the meeting, I would say we'd have to go out for a wine tasting or something like that! Or dessert - chocolate cake at a fancy bakery? There would be food and/or cocktails involved!

8. On a scale from 1-10, how good at you at home decor? (Pictures welcome.)
5? I know what I like, but I'm not very good at coming up with amazing and creative ways of putting it together.

9. Do you have good fingernails?
No. I've never had good fingernails. When I was 14, i gave up and started doing acrylic nails and did them pretty much non-stop until just after Fuss was born (and I could no long afford the time or money it took to keep them up.)

10. Pickles: Dill or sweet? Baby, spears, or chips? Plain or on a burger?
NO pickles. Ever. Yuck.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Fussy and Feisty

Fuss has been especially fussy the last few days. And it seems to go from zero to fussy in about 2.5 seconds... often times with no warning. She has become especially dramatic when being told no (or any facsimile thereof... including "in a minute" or some such) and she has developed an award-winning pout, complete with a lip that could hold our keys like a tray. It's funny when I'm in a good mood and amusing when my husband is around and he there to help me deal with it. But it's also completely frustrating when I can't figure out what it is that she needs/wants or it seems completely illogical for her to be fussing about whatever is going on (I realize that Toddler Logic could be considered an oxymoron, but...)

But Fuss isn't the only one having a problem with their mood... I have been increasingly feisty lately. I don't know what is up with my own attitude, either and I sometimes have to wonder what my poor husband must be thinking about his crazy girls...

No wonder he doesn't want to take extra time off and stay home with us! I'm not sure I would either...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Recliner

Here's a picture of my new recliner. I am completely in love with being able to put my feet up at the end of the day... it's supportive and comfy and I am looking forward to spending many hours in it w/ the baby as we bond. It also rocks, so it will be GREAT for baby-caring. It's a narrower recliner - so Daddy Fuss isn't quite as enamored with it as I am (he's a bigger guy) but in the end, I think it will be fine. (We won't be fighting over the chair as often, right?)

Now, I have to tell you about our pick up process. Since it was a fairly small purchase, we decided to pick it up instead of having it delivered (which costs a little chunk of money, of course) and we have a mini van and have access to a much larger van (my dad's) so if it was WAY larger than I though it would be, we could always use Dad's van. (we didn't have to - it was fine in the mini van).

But apparently, Friday nights are not busy nights (usually) for furniture pick up and they were not well-staffed in the pick up department. They had one employee dealing with all the customers who were trying to pick up (we were one of four when we showed up) and the first order was missing, so it took forever to get that sorted out while everyone else waited while they tracked it down and rescheduled the pick up. Then, there was a lady with a small SUV who was trying to pick up 5 or more boxes... she had to call a friend to come with a truck to get the rest. (seriously? How can you NOT know that that much furniture is not going to fit in your SUV? At least part of it was an outdoor patio set. Gotta be bigger than her SUV, even with some assembly required.) The 3rd customer in front of us was quick and easy, so that was nice, but then when he gave us our chair, he warned us that he had JUST sprayed it with the furniture treatment, which smelled pretty strong and we couldn't sit in it for at least 2 hours. This wasn't a problem, since we were going to dinner, except that the fumes then stunk up the van. And I'm a little irritated that it took 2 days to get the chair when WE were picking it up and they didn't do the treatment until we showed up. The ad for the chair said that each store had 10 of these chairs, so wouldn't you think they'd have them in stock and wouldn't have to wait for a delivery of them? Grrrr.

Having nothing to do with the actual furniture service, we accidentally had a major diaper leak situation, which we didn't realize until we got to the restaurant. I had to run to Target (across the parking lot) to grab some diapers, some wipes and a new outfit for Fuss (found an outfit for under $6), since I also hadn't brought the diaper bag with me. (Daddy Fuss surprised me with the dinner out thing.)

All in all, the evening started out frustrating and not nearly as easy as I thought it would be, but ended up really enjoyable - getting to spend some relaxing time with my family.

Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. I have to renew my driver's license this year (before the end of the summer and my birthday) and I just received a notice that I would have to do so in PERSON and supply a ton of documentation to prove I am who I say I am, instead of taking my current driver's license and just updating it, as they have done in the past. I am not looking forward to this, especially 7+ months pregnant and with a toddler in tow. (I'm hoping my SILs or a friend or something can watch her when I go, but I am afraid it may be more complicated than it needs to be, since I have a shouldn't-be-but-is complicated naming issue that has me with 2 different legal names, one letter apart.) I will be attempting to do this as soon as possible, so that if the complications arise, I have time before my license expires to get it sorted out.

2. The last time this issue came up, I had just gotten married and I was trying to get my married name put on my driver's license. I actually had a woman tell me that my marriage wasn't valid because my name was "misspelled" on my marriage license and that my husband would have to get his marriage annulled and we would need to get remarried. (That was not the case, thank goodness, but I was incredibly upset by it all at the time. It ended up being resolved fairly easily, but there was some emotional trauma at the time.

3. My recliner gets picked up this afternoon! I am psyched! I was able to get the recliner I wanted on sale (the first time it's been even remotely discounted since we started looking at it a several months ago and I am so happy about that!)

4. I am trying to put more thought into my decorating choices these days. I have the opportunity to rearrange and put a little bit of effort and money into my living room, our new bedroom, and Fuss's new big-girl room over the next few months. When we bought the house, I tried to do it all at once and I think I settled a for what I could do and afford at the time, instead of doing it bit by bit with a better idea of what I wanted as the end result. The new furniture (the couch and the recliner) are going a long way to fill in my current situation of mish-mashed furniture (I call the look hand-me-down-garage-sale-chic)

5. I began writing a story this week. I have a very short amount of words written up, based on a thought/dream I had earlier in the week. The problem is, I have no character names as of yet, and I have no ending in mind at all. And it's a little depressing. So I may scrap it and start something else. I think it could be really good, though, if I can pull it together, so I'm going to save what I've got and hopefully come back to it some day, if I don't come up with characters/an ending for it soon.

6. I've been battling headaches this week. Again. Ugh.

7. Fuss threw a fit yesterday when she was supposed to be napping and ended up with no nap at all. I put her to bed early and we skipped Mother/Daughter movie night and she went to bed at a reasonable time instead of later than usual which we do on a Thursday night so that Daddy Fuss can see her before bed on his Bible Study nights.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Things on a Wednesday, Cont.

1. Last week, we purchased/ordered my new wedding band. We bought my original diamond and yellow gold band at a promotional price of less than $100 (honestly, I think it was about $50, but that seems SO low, that it may have been closer to $90) and had ALWAYS planned to get another in a few years.
So, since this is our 5 year anniversary coming up, we thought it would be a good time to get a new one. Plus, I haven't been able to wear it in over a year and when I do, it has a weird channel in the back that traps water between the ring and my finger and gives me a horrible rash. So, it was time for an upgrade so that once again, I can wear both my engagement and wedding bands. I wanted to keep a similar look, since my engagement ring is a little fancy and a flashy anniversary ring or something would detract from it. And I LOVE my engagement ring (which my husband had re-sized for me over Christmas and I've been able to wear ever since) so I didn't want to take anything away from that.

2. My new couch is FAB-U-LOS. I love it. It goes perfectly with the rug in the living room and is so soft and supportive and pretty and comfy. And I no longer feel like I need help to get up and out of my couch! It's a great feeling to love the way my living room is coming together!

3. I am very much looking forward to our getaway next week for our anniversary. It will likely be less than 48 hours total, including drive-time, but I will take what I can get. I told my husband that the only thing I really wanted to do was have a really nice dinner and he's been researching restaurants for brunch, lunch and dinner. There is a Cajun place there that I loved when we were last there for our anniversary and several nice seafood restaurants that I remember being really good, too. I am looking forward to just relaxing with Daddy Fuss and not worrying about ANYTHING.

4. I'm gearing up to begin writing, I think. I keep getting little snippets of ideas for a story and while I don't have anything solid yet, I'm getting more and more into the idea, especially this summer when I've got a little more time on my hands and I want to be where there is AC anyhow. I may end up taking a page from Maggie's book and spending some evenings parked out at Panera or Starbucks with my laptop and leaving Daddy Fuss and Fuss at home on occasion to spend some dedicated writing time and I'm thinking that sounds more and more appealing lately.

5. This week, my husband has commitments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights after work, so each of those nights he will be home late. This gets to be frustrating for me, because I really look forward to him coming home in the evenings so that I can get a break from Fuss-patrol, but 2 out of the 3 nights are for free-lance jobs that he is taking on and I can't complain about him bringing in some extra money!

6. We had the misfortune of overdrawing our account repeatedly for 2 days before we realized it when we bought the couch. Daddy Fuss thought he had transferred the money to pay for it (I even asked him while we were filling out the paperwork) and for whatever reason, the transfer didn't go through, so every purchase we made for the rest of the weekend added another overdraft fee. Unfortunately, it may have cost us my new recliner and I am peeved about that. I really want that darn recliner.

7. Got to see my sister yesterday for the first time since Thanksgiving. Don't know when I'll get to see her again, since she's booked the rest of the summer and is expecting a baby(!) in January, so she's not sure how much she'll be up for traveling around the holidays. She's fairly sure she won't be interested in coming for Christmas, with her due date only a few weeks away (cannot blame her for that! I wouldn't want to be traveling the 10-12 hours w/ 4 kids at THIS point in my pregnancy, let alone toward the end!) And our own Thanksgiving plans are booking up fast, too - my SIL and family are coming down, we're taking the kids to Disney that week, we're hosting the meal at our house, as usual (but possibly on Friday).

8. Got my paperwork for my glucose test. So not looking forward to it. Though it will be an excuse for a babysitter, as I don't want to bring Fuss along to sit in the lab for an hour while I wait to get my blood drawn.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1. What does your car say about you? If you don’t have a car, what kind of car would be your daily driver?
My car says "Mom." I drive a mini-van and that is the stereotype of what it says, but I am so okay with that.
It also says I am practical, as several of my other mom friends insist that they won't drive a mini-van because of the stereotype and have either had to settle for continuing to drive their old, beat-up and run down single-girl cars that they had before marriage because they can't find what it is that they want in in SUV for a reasonable price or are paying way too much for the privilege of driving an SUV that isn't a mini-van. We paid cash for our mini van and I've never regretted it.

2. To this point, what has been your purpose on this planet?
I have no idea. I guess you could say to love my husband and daughter and to be there for my mom. I'd say those are the highest, most purposeful things I have done in my life. Both cheesy and at the same time, poignant, in my mind.

3. If you could trade places with any person for any amount of time, who would it be?
I have no idea again. Maybe, briefly, I'd like to be an actress in Hollywood or something - a really successful one - Julia Roberts? Rachel McAdams? Kirsten Dunst? But I wouldn't want that life for very long - but I would love to spend a little time acting and performing again. I sort of miss those days.

4. What is your favorite kind of cake? If you don’t like cake, what is it about it that you don’t like?
Spice cake with cream cheese frosting. (Similar to carrot cake) Discovered this cake while in college when they served it quarterly at the dessert bar and OMG is it delicious. It's moist and flavorful and when you add the good, creamy cream cheese icing it's DIVINE.

5. Would you have wanted to live in your parents’, grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ generation or only your own?
Thought about that this morning, actually. I am so glad to be alive in the generation I live in! Air Conditioning! Technology! Education! None of the social confines that wouldn't allow you to speak your mind! I'm sure there are benefits to living in older times, too (simplicity for one) but I am so thankful to be living now instead of then.

6. Do you have any home remedies for illnesses, cleaning or otherwise?
DH has a home remedy for the early stage of a cold that seems to help it get through the worst part faster, but you can't do it while pregnant... it involves a really hot bath, a shot of whiskey, a cup of hot tea and dressing yourself as warm as possible and going to bed. You basically do all of the above and then go to bed to sweat it out for as long as you can. It often seems to speed up the process and shortens a cold/flu by a few days. It's not exactly fun, but it's better than dealing with it for any longer than necessary.

7. What is your ideal weather situation?
75-80 degrees as a high with an easy breeze and sunny skies. We get this in the late winter/early spring and what passes for fall around here, so it's not a long-term situation, but when it happens, it's amazing. I call it "Chamber of Commerce weather."

8. What is your best attribute (physical or personal)?
My red hair is my best physical attribute. Personal, I would say my friendliness, but I seem to be less friendly these days - or maybe just fewer and further between. I am less social this time around in my pregnancy and I am really hoping that I return to "normal" after this kid is born. I miss that part of me.

9. Do you text or surf while driving?
I occasionally text, but I try to limit it to stop lights or using the T9 word prediction so I can have at least one hand on the wheel.

10. How long have you known your best friend?
Depends on who you define as my best friend.
My husband and I have been friends for 15 years this fall. But I've known who he is (as in, I could tell you his name) since the 4th grade.
My "sister" started babysitting me when I was 5 or 6, but we didn't become friends until I was closer to 11 or 12.
My 3rd-closest friend who I declare as "my best friend" (having given the other 2 titles that seem closer to me) and I became friends the summer we turned 18 (so 12 years), although, again I could have told you her name when we were 15 and she started working for my parents.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The usual updates...

This weekend was nice, since I had done so much work on the house during the week, I didn't have to do much over the weekend. I should have done some laundry, because now I am behind, again, but hey! that will give me something to do this week, right? We didn't do a lot of outside fun-stuff, but we were able to spend time together, accomplish stuff, and relax a bit.

At my OB appt this morning, the Dr. checked my belly and then asked how big Fuss had been. 8lbs, 12 oz and he laughed and said, "well you must just make big babies!" Apparently this one already seems big to him - not like scary big, but bigger than the average 26 1/2 week gestational baby. This is expected, since statistics show that 2nd babies are bigger than first babies, and also that boys are bigger than girls. I am not surprised by this info and have been expecting a big baby all along after the surprise I got just before Fuss was born. (At the time, since I hadn't gained a ton of weight, I was expecting a slightly smaller baby - not realizing the genetics that I had working here. My husband's family were all big babies and my dad was over 9lbs himself. I was a 7lb, 8oz, so I had never given thought to having a larger baby than average.)

Fuss got to spend the morning w/ her Aunt Zizi who is house-sitting for a family with a pool and two fun-loving dogs who love to go swimming, so she was able to go swimming w/ Zizi and the 2 dogs while I was at the OB. She had a blast.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thursday tired

On Thursday, I scrubbed my tub and grout on my hands and knees, folded several baskets of laundry, kept the kitchen sparkling, did a load or 2 (lost count) of laundry and just finished mopping the floor in the kitchen and great room. I also spent 2 hours at the mall w/ a friend and our kids trying to get a little exercise while we did some returns for her and other errands for the both of us.

I had some sort of weird emotional issue this evening when I found out my husband was in fact going to his weekly Bible study instead of coming home. I didn't quite cry, but I came close. Daddy Fuss ended up surprising me and skipping the study to make sure I was okay and sending me out for a short break to read at Panera for a 1/2 hour while he worked w/ my dad on the demo and watched Fuss. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately - he got a taste of what my most exasperating days are like w/ her) she managed to open the front door and let herself and the dogs go running around the front yard, then cover herself (nearly burying her legs, I guess) in dirt in the backyard while my dad and Daddy Fuss worked. Thankfully, he gave her a bath while he was waiting for me to bring home dinner, etc.

I'm tired. This nesting thing - this obsession with getting the house cleaned and getting organized, etc. is really wearing me out.

Friday, June 4, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. Burn Notice. Love it.

2. I am feeling a little screwy these days - emotionally, mentally, whatever. I'm minorly concerned for what this means for my mental state after the baby comes. But maybe I'm just being weirdly emotional/hormonal now when I think that way.

3. Had a discussion w/ my husband tonight about how I am craving him being home all the time. He wanted to know how we find a balance between his needs to have occasional Man Time and my need to have him around. I felt like laughing. When do I get to have Girl Time that doesn't include my child(ren)? Obviously I am not expecting to actually get away from the child in utero, but geez.

4. I haven't had a night out with an adult female since October. I can tell you he has had weekly meetings for a Bible study for the past 6 weeks and several weekend outings (afternoons or evenings) with friends at least 4 times that I can think of off the top of my head in addition to that in the last 3 months. I did get a couple of hours w/ my mom a few weeks ago, which was a fun time, but it was marred by my dental appointment at the end.

5. Our couch is being delivered today! I am psyched!

6. My dogs seem to be objecting to spending so much time in the open sun room. They hang out out there when we're not home and when they are eating. They have liked the activity and the freedom when my dad is here in the afternoons (they get to go out to the back yard then) but they are whinier than usual when I put them out to eat and don't get them immediately, instead of just laying down for a nap. Guess I should go get them...

7. Trey has been SO active this morning - kicking and rolling and moving around. It's so fun to feel him moving (at least when I'm not trying to sleep!) but he tends to spend all his time on my right side - I rarely feel him on my left.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Like a Bird

I am nesting. Oh, my goodness, am I nesting.

I remember nesting when I was pregnant w/ Fuss. I was in major "clean out" mode (my husband tells the story of how he had to prevent me from discarding my high school yearbooks when I got totally into eliminating the unnecessary objects I had collected) but that only lasted a week or two and then it was all about getting the nursery decorated and ready, etc. (I suddenly loved doing laundry as long as it was tiny little clothes and soft baby blankets!)

This has been going on for weeks. I am at the point where I want my house in order and the disorder is driving me bonkers.

I confess, I am not a good housekeeper. I'm learning, and I'm getting better, but I am not good at this. At all. I can blame the constant chaos/mess in my childhood home, but honestly, I just never put any effort into it on a regular basis. But suddenly, I am over having this mess around. (Don't get me wrong, there isn't a ton of rotting garbage all over my house or anything - I'm just talking about the "mess" of living. We don't always put everything away in it's proper place (and to be honest, there are probably things in my house that don't have a proper place, which I know violates the "a place for everything, and everything in it's place" mantra of the organized) and we leave dishes in the sink for a day or so sometimes, etc. (I'm getting better about that, but it is SO easy to get behind on that) and we have little places in the house where things get piled, especially when we arrive home and need to set down the things in our hands (mail, diaper bags, shopping bags, etc.) and then a few days later, we have this completely unmanageable pile.

So anyway, yesterday I cleaned the kitchen. I have complaining for a week or so that we have too many gadgets in our tiny kitchen - I have some decent counter space - more than enough to make dinner or a big batch of cookies or whatever - but we had so many things all over the counters that a big portion of my space was unusable for cooking/baking projects. (And my husband has requested a batch of his favorite homemade cookies this week, now that his diet is officially over.) So I tore through the kitchen putting things away, giving them a nice scrub if needed, clearing the counters and scrubbing those down, too. My kitchen is so pretty right now!

And now for the bathroom! I wiped down the sink and counter tops yesterday and right now I'm bleaching tiles in the shower. We have this horrible tiled shower - the person who installed the tiles was really bad at it and the whole wall is uneven in a myriad of places, so it's very hard to get the grout to stay clean.

I need to mop still - in both rooms. But that is increasingly difficult with an incredibly curious toddler up and moving through the house. And I have a great room floor plan, so there is nothing short of locking her in her room that will keep her out of the kitchen and living room spaces.

But you know what? I'm happy. Sure, I'm incredibly tired at the end of the day/each cleaning session, but it's showing results, big time. And things are coming together so I have space to be proud of.

My dad is working hard on the demolition so we can begin building our new room, too. It makes me proud that he is able to see my accomplishments (even though he rarely comes in the house while he's working in the back room). My mom was a terrible housekeeper, too, but my pseudo-step mom has a spotless house (open floor plan full of white tile - oh my goodness, is her house clean).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Random Things on a Wednesday

I don't know that I planned to make this a weekly thing, but it has worked out that way for now. We shall see.

1. I bought a couch this weekend. I am psyched. (I can do a cheer using that word, but it's boring, so I'll spare you...) I love it, even though I never would have picked it out from the online picture of it (it is WAY better-looking in person, plus it is SO comfortable that I might want to just lay on it all of the time... and you can't tell that from a picture.) I'm very happy with our purchase and Memorial Day weekend is an ideal time to purchase furniture, because all the major furniture stores have deals and discounts, etc.

2. I finally got my Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They are everything I thought they would be.

3. Fuss peed and pooed on the potty voluntarily this past weekend. There was much rejoicing. She proudly picked out a pair of panties to wear instead of a diaper and despite us asking if she needed to go to the potty, she promptly soiled them fifteen minutes later. So much for it being suddenly easy.

4. My dad started the construction on our new room last night! I am SO excited that things are moving, even if it means that our AC is having to work a little harder since apparently, there was more energy leak than we expected! (And my dad was interrupted about 2 hours into his initial demolition by a problem at work) But I'm ready to have this begun (and I have been!) since we're down to 92 days before this baby appears! (or until my planned induction, anyway - if he comes early, then we obviously have even less time!)

Pregnant Pause

No 10 on Tuesday today. Chelsea's been on vacation.

But I'm still planning to steal her concept of "Pregnant Pauses" and tell you all the boring details of my pregnancy these days. Or at least the highlights.

  • I'm getting a lot of random Braxton Hicks contractions, a lot earlier than last time (which I'm told is normal), but also a lot more concerning (to me - my midwife is unconcerned) than last time. This weekend after a lot of - ahem - activity... I had 3 contractions in 15 minutes. And they were strong ones, too! But then they stopped and all was well again, so I didn't freak.
  • I'm starting to swell a little more than last time. I notice it in the evenings mostly and I don't remember swelling until my last month with Fuss.
  • I am so tired. But this is nothing new.
  • I am grumpier/moodier. I blame the testosterone from the boy vs. the estrogen from the girl, but I don't know that that's scientifically accurate. I am also noticing some weird tendancies to be less social than usual and that I absolutely CRAVE time with my husband, so it's been rough to have him even go to work or have him go spend time with other people when he could be at home with me. (For instance, I talked him out of going to a LAN party at a friend's house on Saturday. I just wanted him at home with me and Fuss.)
  • I'm having more random cravings. I've always been sort of a foodie (as in I like food, not that I'm a food snob) and I get in the mood for things and it's a strong desire, but this time it's been a lot more random and sporadic.

That's all I got for today. Fuss has been a handful (she woke at 6 and her first temper tantrum began at 6:05) and I am going to meet Daddy Fuss for lunch and he is going to take me to Krispy Kreme to satisfy a craving I've had lately. (the closest Krispy shop is pretty far, so it's hard to just run up and get one whenever I feel like it)