Friday, November 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes (TGIF)

1. I spent ALL DAY Thursday this week cleaning my house. I regularly scrub the kitchen and do the maintenance type things in the bathroom and living room, but this is a pretty irregularly thorough cleaning. I will be hosting a Booty Parlor party (co-hosting, actually) on Saturday and it was a well-needed cleansing. My house sparkles and smells faintly of PineSol.

2. Publix (our local grocery store) has put out the Egg Nog. We are beginning our holiday celebrations.

3. I am starting to gear up for the holidays - Thanksgiving is one of my top favorite holidays and when the schedule permits (and we're not traveling) I begin my Christmas baking Thanksgiving weekend. Looking forward to some homemade Snickerdoodles. And I'm getting urge to buy wrapping paper and decorations... obviously the early promotion of the holidays in the stores is working.

4. They finally had an event at MOPs that wasn't on a day I was working, and I had other plans. And it was something I would have been totally up for, too - a picnic at the park where the kids could run an play and Fuss would have had a blast.

5. I miss my camera. I am pretty sure we lost it on the dock over Labor Day when we went out on our friends' boat. I haven't seen it since. We have another camera - a big one, fancy. But not as easy to cart around, of course. So I haven't been taking as many pictures of the Fuss as I would like and I miss it.

6. Daddy Fuss took me to the shooting range the other day. I had never shot a gun other than a BB gun before, but he thought that we could use a chance to blow off some stress and blow things up, so he took me to the local indoor gun range, got me a lesson, rented a 9mm and we shot a target. We did rather well. My dad was a sharpshooter in the National Reserves, but I've never learned to shoot. My dad was all excited when I told him - he told me stories of his parents going to the range and my Grandma Lelah used to outshoot my Grandpa. (which must have been interesting, since my grandfather was a chauvinist). Will likely do it again some time.

7. I have gone all week without crying about the baby I lost. Next week I'll be going to get my bloodwork to make sure that the Hcg is all out of my system. I can go any time after Monday, but I don't have free time until... I don't know when. (Update: I made the appointment for Tuesday, when my husband is going in to work late because he has to work late that night. He can watch the baby while I get my blood drawn.)

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  1. Oh that's terrible that you lost your camera! How frustrating!!!

    I'm going hunting over Thanksgiving. I have no aim. I only use one eye so my depth perception and aim is all wacky. I wish I could do it!

    Healing is a slow process and mourning is definitely okay. I'm glad you're doing well. Prayers are coming your way!