Saturday, November 14, 2009

Things That Rock Thursday's (on Saturday)

For this week's Things That Rock, I decided to find a new product to try out. I had heard about the Elf makeup eyeshadow from Amanda and decided to check out the product line. I already had a really nice eyeshadow that I love, plus I'm really really particular about the color of my eye shadows, so I didn't do that. But since I walked into the bathroom the other day to find that Fuss had pulled my bad of makeup colors to the ground and was systematically going through it, and had broken my current favorite lipstick, I was looking for lipsticks. (And if anyone has seen where she put my sheer shiny lipgloss, I'd really appreciate you letting me know)

So I found this set of 2 lip duos that you can mix together to make even more colors. I can't wear the pinky color on it's own, being a redhead, and typically avoiding any and all things pink, but if I mix it with any of the others, it works pretty nicely.

It also didn't hurt that I got all this for $3. Yeah, I can't seem to find another drugstore brand that will give me a lipstick for $3, can you? Do they even make Wet'n'Wild anymore?

This stuff is light and creamy and feels nice on my lips. I won't say it lasts real long, or anything, but I can deal with that, when needed. (I also have REALLY really dry and flaky lips, usually, so I always slather tons of Blistex on my lips and so lipstick never stays on my mouth for very long, so it might not be the lipstick that has the longevity problem, if you know what I mean...) but it does last a decent amount of time and the darker ones end up almost staining the lip, so there is at least a trace of color for awhile, even after I eat or drink a little bit.

All in all, I am very happy with my new find. I'll be trying out more for the Elf line in the future.

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