Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wear Purple and have a cream puff...

Today (Wednesday) is Maddie Spohr’s birthday. Fuss and I are wearing purple today in her honor, both because purple was Maddie’s favorite color and because it is the color for the March of Dimes. I had purple ribbon to tie on the diaper bag, but in my (late) rush to get out the door to work, I left it at home. But regardless, we are remembering Maddie today.

Of course, it is also Veteran’s Day today, so many businesses and office are closed. My particular county is still running schools, but many of the surrounding ones are not. I think it’s important to remember this day and all the hard work our troops have put in throughout the years – then and now. Two of my step-brothers are active military (one currently over seas in the Army, one in port stateside for the Navy at the moment), one of my favorite cousins is an ex-Marine (how do you say that? Former Marine? Retired Marine? He did one tour and then didn’t reenlist), my uncle was Air Force, my grandfather retired Navy (he did half his career in the Navy in WWII). In addition I have several friends who are active military, of various branches. I very much support our troops and have always had an appreciation for what they do.

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