Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cooler than me

So I think my baby is cooler than me.

I knew it would happen. Logic says that the further in age you are from being "in the know" or whatever the less "cool" you are. I expected it, really. But I thought I had until she was older - in her teens or preteens.

She was wearing this cute little outfit the other day. This sweet long-sleeved t-shirt and these adorable denim shorts and I looked at her and she is just SO adorable. And looks kinda trendy. And I'm a frump. I'm not looking my best these days. I don't always try with the make up very much anymore, my clothes run from clean but sloppy (tanks and big t-shirts, shorts and jeans) to classic, but a bit boring (a nicer shirt or sweater with same shorts or jeans). My hair is not making me happy these days because I am trying to grow it out to a length that I can ponytail it, at least... I have almost nothing nice and fashionable right now - our budget doesn't allow for a lot of clothing purchases and since my life is much more casual now, I don't put in the effort I once did. Is that how it all begins? How a once-(reasonably)cool mom becomes frumpy, out of touch and by the time the kids are twelve and really starting to care about appearance they have completely lost every shred of ability to come across as "cool."

I just didn't think it would happen so soon.

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