Monday, November 9, 2009


We met up with some friends this weekend and attempted to take Fuss to her first art museum. Not our best parenting choice, since we ended up spending $34 for one of us to go through the museum and one of us to chase her around it for 10 minutes and ultimately take her back outside to play and run around the empty, Sunday afternoon campus of the local university housed next door, but whatever. After she escaped the museum, she was suddenly very happy and she and her Daddy had plenty of fun, as you can see above. She also enjoyed playing with everyone's stickers (what they gave us to prove that we paid our entrance fee) once we all came out.

We went to dinner and then back to my friend's house for dessert. She was our entertainment in between bits of conversation. She even seemed to be flirting with my friends' husbands. One did okay with her, one had NO clue what to do with this little toddler girl who wanted to sit on his lap and have him read her a story. But everyone had a good time and minus a 30-second moment when she was told not to touch something, where she started to cry and then got distracted by her crush offering her something else, she was perfectly behaved the entire afternoon/evening. I love when she is so well behaved in public. It makes me want to show her off even more.

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  1. How sweet. Sometimes I hear stories about how you NEVER get to do anything when you have babies/toddlers. This is a good reminder that sometimes you do. Sometimes they behave and allow you to have real conversations!