Saturday, November 21, 2009


I’m trying to wean myself off caffeine. Or at least cut back again. I usually try and keep it to one can of Coke per day and occasionally have an extra coffee thrown in for fun. Sometimes I replace the Coke with the coffee, sometimes I don’t. But lately, I’m up to at least 3 caffeinated sodas per day and I think that’s too much. Especially since I’m trying to get pregnant again (or will be very soon) and I’ve read stuff that indicates that it’s not ideal to be drinking a lot of caffeine when you’re TTC (or when pregnant), so I figure it can’t hurt to cut back.

But it’s hard! I love my Coca Cola! And when I’m at work, I don’t have options other than soda (there is a soda machine next door and the water isn’t really drinkable from the tap) and when I’m home it’s either soda or water and sometimes I just don’t want water. Sometimes I need something with some taste to it, you know? I just love my caffeine. We’re good friends.

Fuss is a paci-addict. We’ve gotten rid of the solo paci except while sleeping, (so cute, she wakes up and hands us her paci, most of the time while still wiping the sleep from her eyes. But don’t expect her to sleep without it, no sir) but her Maddie the Monkey has a paci in it’s head and she is with Maddie all the time. A week or two ago, I gave her Maddie after I popped the paci out of her head, and she was very disappointed. She still carried her around, but would periodically open her mouth and turn Maddie around so she could pop the paci in her mouth and it wasn’t there and her little face would just fall. And she’d look so cute and pitiful and disappointed. I felt bad. So, ultimately, the paci went back into Maddie’s head and Fuss had her toy of comfort back again. I’m a softy, what can I say?

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