Saturday, November 28, 2009

100 Things (a meme, sue me)

100 Things

Everything you could possibly ever want to know about me… plus 99 more things.

1. I was born in August
2. in Florida
3. and never really left
4. except when I spent a year in GA for school.
5. I married my high school best friend
6. after a short string of boyfriends he put up with
7. as I did the same for his girlfriends.
8. I am smart
9. (but he is smarter)
10. and I love to learn
11. but I'm not great at school.
12. So when I finally graduated from college
13. it was actually a technical design school
14. and I have a degree
15. (that I don't use)
16. in Graphic design.
17. I am a very social person.
18. Which is why I liked my old job
19. and struggle being a stay-at-home mom.
20. My husband is still my best friend
21. but I just call him my husband instead.
22. My best girlfriend isn't related,
23. but I call her my sister anyhow.
24. The girl I call my BFF
25. is technically my 2nd best girlfriend.
26. I love her
27. but she often drives me crazy.
28. We are very different
29. but it works for us, somehow.
30. I'm close with my mom
31. probably because I was an only child
32. and my dad lived with us,
33. but was never around.
34. My parents split up
35. when I was 19
36. and it sucked,
37. even though I was technically an adult.
38. This caused me to not like my mom
39. (for a bit)
40. and develop a much better relationship with my dad
41. who later moved in with a woman named Connie
42. who I love
43. and would like him to marry.
44. But he won't
45. because he doesn't want to go through that again.
46. My mom had a string of awful boyfriends
47. and then finally met Doc
48. who has his PhD in some sort of biology
49. and works in environmental stuff.
50. They got married
51. a year after us
52. on the weekend I had wanted my own anniversary.
53. But I'm not bitter.
54. He gave me 3 step-brothers
55. who aren't around much.
56. But I'm still the oldest
57. and most mature.
58. We have one daughter.
59. So far.
60. My husband wants 3 or 4 kids.
61. I'm thinking about it.
62. I really wanted a girl first.
63. Since I don't know how to handle boys.
64. And I'm so glad I got her.
65. If we ever have a son, his name will be a III in response to his dad
66. and (late) grandfather.
67. We will call him Tre
68. because he's the third.
69. I'm name obsessed
70. which is fun
71. but I'll never have enough kids to satisfy my list of names I love
72. not even if I have 8 like Octomom.
73. We love movies
74. and TV
75. and we constantly talk in movie quotes.
76. This both intrigues and annoys people
77. especially my mother
78. and his.
79. A lot of my post titles are based on that habit.
80. I read voraciously.
81. I can easily read 5-7 books a day
82. if I'm given the time or chance.
83. I recently rediscovered the library
84. because my budget can no longer afford my book habit.
85. I also love food
86. which works out great
87. because my husband loves to cook.
88. We love spicy food
89. and feed it to our daughter, too
90. even though she isn't even 2 (yet).
91. Sometimes she even eats it.
92. I also love God
93. and probably should have put that higher on the list.
94. I borrowed that sentiment from the person I borrowed the meme from (
95. But that doesn't mean it isn't true.
96. I was once in a fake sorority called Pi Chi
97. We chose those letters because we had another nickname
98. "The Psycho Chicks in Trailer 6."
99. I'm surprised you have lasted this long.
100. I love comments, if you want to leave some!

I borrowed this from Roots and Rings, so to read hers, click here.

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