Monday, November 23, 2009

A little racier than normal

So this weekend I co-hosted a Booty Parlor party of my own - Cherry and I had a bunch of friends and relations come to my house (bigger meeting space) and we squeezed 15 people into my great room and plied them with food (pumpkin dip! molasses cookies! beer cheese dip!) and drink (margarita punch! also, unspiked iced tea for those not into imbibing due to pregnancy or desire to appear tipsy at 2 in the afternoon) and showed them s*x toys. Cherry even had her mother-in-law around. (both of our mothers were also in attendance, proof that we have very good relationships with them)

We had a blast. And the party netted over $800 so apparently, so did our friends. My one friend spent over $120 on product alone - though the order forms are kept confidential (which is fine by me) so I don't know what exactly she got and I'm totally fine with that. Honestly, I probably got close to that if you factor in my half-priced items and credit. But anyhow. A good time was had by all and everyone walked away happy. There was no punch left, but plenty of snack foods, so they all enjoyed the margaritas and Daddy Fuss and I are enjoying the leftover munchies.

It's interesting because when I first heard about this stuff, I was all uncomfortable. But as I learned more about it and sampled a few of the tamer items, we've gotten to really enjoy it. I'll spare you the details of our bedroom-life, but spicing things up some times is a really great idea. My mom was all disturbed and I'm wondering if she thinks I'm into kink now or something because she said "well, we don't really need help in that department" as if wanting to play in the bedroom is this terrible thing. (This from the woman who was very vocal in bed when she started dating again and I was still living with her - she is NOT a prude, by any means.)

Anyhow, it was fun, amusing to see the expressions on some of my friends faces, and a good time was had by all. I think the 2-hour cross-state drive was also worth it for my consultant, too, (A friend who lives on the other coast, sort of, introduced us and she offered to come over despite the distance.) considering the sales total. I don't know how much she makes for commission, but even at 10-15% it would be a nice little chunk of change, ya know?

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