Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday's Things That Rock

This Friday's Post is brought to you by Amanda's Friday's Things That Rock. This week, my list of "Things That Rock" are as follows, in no particular order

1. My husband - he has made dinner, took time off to take me to the Dr./babysit and just been an all around patient and sweet guy while I've been so crazy emotional.

2. Apple Crisp Blob made by the husband during the time I was craving such.

3. Peanut Butter Rice Crispie Treats

4. PedEgg - we bought one and my feet are much softer and smoother

5. My maternity shorts. I can't believe I'm already in them, but they feel so good, that even though they're still a little big, I am totally in love with them. They are Motherhood brand from several years ago (they were my BFF's) and they are real stretch denim w/ the full belly placket and a drawstring.

6. The new USA network show "White Collar" - even my husband, who really didn't want to add another show is addicted.

7. My awesomely supportive internet friends, especially the girls on the maternity board I frequent. With the stress I've been feeling about this pregnancy, they've been great. Supportive and concerned, etc.

8. The Sunrise series by Karen Kingsbury - I finally finished this series (borrowing them from the libraries has been tougher than I thought - I'm obviously not the only one trying to read them) and it was wonderful.

9. The cutest little Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz ever. Can't resist her.

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  1. So the PediEgg really works? Huh... I might actually have to buy one now... :)
    They kinda scare me.