Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend in review

November 1st. One year ago today I lost my second pregnancy. I wish I could have known that baby. I had planned to light a candle in memory today, but I cannot find a lighter, which is frustrating me to no end (we used to have dozens of the darn things lying around. We've had to hide them from Fuss, since she likes to play with them, but they should be SOMEWHERE)

Friday night we went to my SIL's party and dressed as Gibbs and Abby from NCIS. My SIL and her roommate dressed as the band KISS (or 2 members thereof) and they looked fantastic. We used the entire can of black hairspray on my pigtails and still didn't cover all the red, but it gave a good effect, anyhow. I don't know how I feel about being a brunette (I have never dared to color my hair in the slightest. Too scared of what hair dye can do to red hair. A friend of mine tried highlighting her red hair at home and managed to turn it purple instead.) but it was fun for a night.

My husband and his friend painted the front of the house over the weekend. It looks great. We used a creamy pale yellowish color and a midnight blue for the trim. It's going to take me a few days to not be surprised when we I come around the corner and pull in the driveway. (Our garage door is now mostly blue, whereas it used to be off white and sage green and faded) I managed to somehow go to the grocery store without either child in tow, get everything on my list, spend way less than our budget, and get there and home in less than 29 minutes. I was impressed by my grocery shopping skills, even if I do say so myself!

We went Trick or Treating w/ our best friends K&M and their kids. Fuss was a Ladybug and Little Man wore his Halloween onesie. I carried him in the Moby wrap almost the entire time and he slept until the last half of the last street. (he has finally begun to really like the Moby - I've learned that the trick is to get walking once I get him settled in it, at least until he's asleep, comfortably.) It was really comfortable on my back, which was nice. If it weren't for my arm/elbow getting tired from supporting his head that had flopped over once he was in a deep sleep, I could have probably carried him like that for ages.

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  1. That is the cutest ladybug costume! Where is it from?