Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 for 30 List

I know I'm going to regret not rushing out this weekend to buy a couple more bottoms or something, but here is my list in all it's glory. (NOT) It's sort of sad that it's this pathetic. Keep in mind that I have a very casual life - I spend 24/7 with my kids, rarely have the need to dress up and usually only wear skirts for church (which is odd, since I like skirts, but for doing laundry around the house, it seems overkill.)

I started thinking about the classic pieces I'm missing from my wardrobe and the ones I'd like to have. I realize that that isn't the point of this exercise, but for someone who likes to dressy classicly preppy, I'm missing some staples. (a plain, white button down shirt, perhaps? a dark pencil skirt? how about a classic sweater dress? I'm currently missing one of my black ballet flats or they would be on the list)

What am I in for? I should do this with Fuss's clothes - she has way cuter stuff than me...

1. Jeans (the only pair that fit - basic blue denim bootcuts)
2. Denim shorts (actually my maternity shorts - again, the only ones that fit! I'm hoping to get into some other pants/shorts by the end of this 30 days anyhow)
3. Green long-sleeved Tee (Ann Taylor Loft)
4. Tan long-sleeved collared shirt
5. White button down blouse (I actually wish I had a better version of this - I've been in the market for a longer version to go over my black leggings, but can't seem to find one I like)
6. Blue knit long vest (my new fall purchase - nearly a month old)
7. Cream v-neck, collared, short sleeved shirt
8. Black, stretchy maxi skirt
9. Light khaki cotton pants
10. Cream colored lace-trimmed tank
11. Teal tencel jacket
12. Blue v-neck sleeveless shirt (sequined neckline - I may regret this because of carrying the baby around, but I love the shirt, so...)
13. Blue/grey print button-down blouse
14. Cream t-shirt (I want to replace this with one in a larger size or longer or both. It's not cotton - it's a high-end polyester knit and I love it - from Coldwater Creek)
15. Blue corduroy jacket (the closest thing I have to a blazer these days)
16. Teal v-neck collared shirt
17. Blue v-neck t-shirt
18. Teal v-neck t-shirt
19. Black sleeveless "wrap" dress (I figured I should add a dress to the mix and this is the only one I can breast feed in)
20. Brown argyle cardigan (my favorite piece from last fall - and then I went and got pregnant and couldn't wear it half the winter)
21. Black tank top
22. Seafoam t-shirt
23. Brown t-shirt
24. Black sweater w/ white cuffs/collar
25. Blue tencel button-down blouse
26. Black v-neck t-shirt
27. Black strappy shoes
28. Brown shoes
29. Black ankle boots (?)
30. Birkenstocks (because I guarantee I'll wear them to run errands - though not really a fashion choice - they're ugly and I know it. I wear them for comfort and convenience, not looks)

What am I in for? I should do this with Fuss's clothes - she has way cuter stuff than me...

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  1. hello fellow 30 for 30 remixer! good luck, i look forward to following your mixes! :)