Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 11 - Black and Blue

I'm feeling a little blue today. Even black and blue. Ironic, since last night I was determined to wear something other than jeans today and I've got limited choices. My khakis are at the cleaners after my unfortunately chocolate incident last week (seems weird to type "unfortunate chocolate") and that left me with my black skirt or my black dress. So, black skirt it is.

Unfortunately, that mean that I am dressing up to clean my house and make a Target run. (Much like Kendi did here.) Fortunately, that means that I am at least feeling better about myself because, well, I think I look nice. Or kind of nice. Anyhow, there was effort involved. And a definite remix here, since I never would have put this outfit together outside of this challenge.

Okay, so I'm wearing my black maxi skirt, (A peek at the label surprises me - it's from Motherhood, which means it's a maternity skirt. But it doesn't seem like one to me and I'm leaving it in my closet), my criss-cross tank from Target, a blue scarf/pashmina - origins unknown. (Truly, I have no idea where I got or the last time I wore it. I discovered it a couple of weeks ago when I was moving my winter clothes out of Fuss's new room.) I am also sporting my cobalt blue glass pendant (gifted - last Christmas. Handmade from a local artisan) and a bracelet I made myself from some pretty glass beads from the days when I was into beading big time. My shoes are the black heels. Since I'm wearing a skirt, I opted for nude-colored knee highs instead of funky printed knee socks.

I made it through Target fully "dressed", but I ended up taking the scarf and heels off while I cleaned.

Self portraits again. Who knows when my husband will be home tonight and what state my outfit will be in by that point.

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