Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 3 - It's only me (or "Phoning it in")

Tuesday began sort of crazy with Fuss waking at 5AM to walk across the house to report that she couldn't find her monkey, dragging my husband out of bed to help her find it and him decided that since he was up, he might as well do a video work out. I was awakened half an hour later to the baby bleating from his bassinet and a thundering sound from my living room (directly outside my bedroom door) which ended up being my husband jumping around. I, too, was getting back into some exercise and the kids and I were meeting my friend Jo and her kids for a walk at the trail at the park. (this requires work out clothes, which I'm assuming don't count in the 30 for 30 since it's hardly my outfit for the day and I never stay in them long)

Fuss fussed most of the way through our 2 mile trail and my head started pounding (again - it's a daily thing these days) so by the time I came home, put on a movie for her, fed the baby and picked up a few things around the house, I was cranky, tired, and was not in the mood to put much effort into dressing. So, using my 30 for 30 pieces, I wore my "Fall in FL SAH Mom Wardrobe" of late - my Loft teal green v-neck, my jeans and my Birkenstocks. Then, I felt guilty, so I put the tiniest bit of effort into "finishing" myself - I did my hair (it's my go-to style, but it's not a ponytail!) added the locket Fuss gave me for my 30th birthday and a pair of my go-to earrings (gold and silver graduated disks) and did a little make-up. (obviously, the pictures are working again.)

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