Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 4 -

I thought I was going to like this outfit more than I did. It was very cool in the morning, but predicted to get to a high of 80, so I thought layers would be ideal. This didn't end up being as functional as I had hoped.

I'm wearing my usual jeans, a black criss-cross tank top from Target (which dates back to when I was nursing Fuss, so it's a couple years old!) under a blue and black and gray print button down that I got for my birthday this year. (I believe it was from Macy's.) My black ankle boots covered my feet, which I'm not sure are ever functional (I really should have gotten lower heels on those - but my original plan was to wear them with a dress, so I thought the heels were ideal. Que sera sera.) I dug through my old collection of jewelry (interesting fact: in high school, I had a huge collection of interesting and funky earrings - they were my signature. I would go to art fairs and buy 2-3 pairs every year and I loved my artsy earrings. Now, I'm more of a classic jewelry sort of girl.) and found a celtic cross necklace w/ a blue stone (bought at Disney years ago) and some blue and black floral earrings (origin unknown - probably gifted).


Today we began Operation: De-pacify Maddie the Monkey. As I explained the situation to Fuss, she seemed amenable to the idea (not that I gave her much of a choice - I told her she could either leave Maddie in bed and only have her to sleep with or I could remove the paci during the day and she could play with Maddie outside of bed, but without the paci in her head. She chose the latter.) However, the minute I turned my back, she went and got the pacis off her dresser and stuck one on Maddie's head. I didn't catch this right away, though she was acting sneaky before she went back to her room and collected ALL the pacis on her dresser. That's when I caught her. I have since had to hide the pacis. I plan to be very strict on this - she's nearly 3 and shows no signs of giving up her pacifier, so I think a little push is in order.

I am again having daily - if not constant - headaches. I am hoping this is a sign that I am simply out of alignment and I need to visit my friendly chiropractor, Burke. Every once in awhile, these headaches come on with such frequency and strength that I wonder if I should find someone to have my head examined (literally - like a scan or something) but before I bother, they usually begin to fade away and all is well again for awhile, so I don't bother having my head looked at.

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  1. That sounds awful. I hope the headaches get better soon!