Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 7 - a day with my men

My 2 local SILs took Fuss for the day so I spent my day w/ my men. It was quite cool in the morning (even Daddy Fuss wore long sleeves, though I imagine that was to please me more than because he was cold) so I put on my long sleeved tan collared shirt and jeans and found a pretty necklace (also borrowed from my mom) that promoted "Courage" and "Hope" (appropriate for the week of Veterans Day, right?) and my outfit was born. We went down to the city where I used to work, had breakfast at a New Orleans-inspired cafe (beignets! Cafe Au Lait! - actually, I had a Mochachinno - delish!) and he took some pictures of me by the waterfront. These are my favorite pics so far, so yay! for nice pictures.

We came home and worked around the house - we're painting the outside of the house (and by "we" I mean my husband. I did some taping of the trim, but mostly, I sat outside with a pen and paper and we Christmas-planned while he painted. He was okay with that - just liked being together - so it was actually fun. I changed into "work clothes" for that, though, which included a paint shirt and old shorts, but I kept on my cute argyle knee socks.

I ended up talking my husband into convincing his mom to babysit Little Man and I was going to try and come up with a nicer/fancy outfit even though we were just going out the beach for sushi, but the outfit worked and it was weather appropriate, so I just stuck with it.

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