Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 21 and 2 kids at Christmas

Awhile back, I wrote a post about my daughter being cooler than me because she pulled off a somewhat trendy look of wearing cute shorts with a long sleeved t-shirt and I didn't think I could do the same. Today, I tried.

I wore my long-sleeved green scoopneck tee (Loft) with my denim shorts. I didn't leave the house all day, so I didn't bother with shoes. I don't even think I put make up on. Most of the day I wore my hair in a claw clip and when it dried it was nice and curly. (Picture to come - having trouble getting it off my camera.)

We decorated for Christmas (Fuss was thrilled!) and did stuff (like the mountain of laundry) around the house. We're having the "what do we do about a stocking for the baby?" discussion (currently, the plan is to let him use the tiny stocking we already had just because it had a moose on it and to buy 4 matching/coordinating stockings at the after Christmas sales for our current and future children to use - this may change, but it seems logical. Ultimately, I want to have matching/coordinating stockings for all of our children but I don't want to wait until we have reached our final child to purchase said stockings, so that they have them all along) and I worked on researching what Christmas presents we were going to get for the kids.

My mom got Fuss a play kitchen she found for a bargain online and a table and chairs for her room. I had been thinking about doing the table and chairs, but mom got such a bargain on the kitchen that she wanted to do the table, too. My husband did some research on the electronic devices for pre-school aged children and I talked to my mom friends. We're getting her the iXL by Fischer Price (I LOVE Fischer Price. I had a tape player when I was a kid - my mom got it for me when I was about 4 - and it STILL plays. Not that I have many tapes to play these days, but... and I seriously beat it up, too and worked beautifully.) She's also getting a tea set, Beauty and the Beast on DVD, some clothes, and a few other things. I'm looking forward to getting her some sparkly kid-friendly jewelry to play with, since she LOVES my jewelry and has been enjoying the few pieces she already has. She'll get coloring books and such, as well. I also found this Strawberry Shortcake set really cheap, so I think I'm going to get her that, too. She knows the Strawberry Shortcake ("Strawberry Cake" she calls her) icon, but doesn't have any toys or movies.

(Interruption: We are watching Disney's animal kingdom version of Robin Hood and Fuss called Sir Hiss "Kiss" I corrected her and she informed me that his sister calls him "Kiss." Who knew?)

The baby is a little harder. I want to get him a couple of somethings - small, of course, since he has no clue what's going on - specifically because the next major gift-giving holiday is going to be 9 months away. I found some nesting/stacking blocks I like, a teething play pack and I'm debating this water-filled tummy time play mat. He's also getting a few new clothes and a big box of diapers!

My own needs/wants are few. My mom keeps asking me what I want for Christmas - I think it's obvious that I've reached adulthood, since I can only think of a few small things I'd like to have, but none of which are that important. I have my beautiful, healthy, happy family. I just got a new room added to my house! I am really quite content! But my mom likes to go all out for Christmas so...

I have a couple of ideas for my husband, but they are HUGE gifts and his 30th birthday is right around the corner, so I can't go too crazy, since I'll want to do something big for his birthday, too. Plus, I want to get him something from the kids, too. And he reads this blog periodically, so I can't discuss them here.


  1. I love that fuss and I are getting the same present! My mom, who's usually very secretive about Christmas, called me from the store this weekend to make sure she was getting me the right version of Beauty and the Beast (I want the blu-ray one since we have a ps3).

  2. If you haven't gotten the iXL yet, you need to check a big-box store (Sams, Costco, BJs). ... if you don't have a membership, let me get it for you at BJs and you can pay me back. They have it with a game (the pink one comes with the princess game, the red and blue come with Toy Story 3) for the same price as it is every where else. I'm getting Spencer's either tomorrow or this weekend, but I'm not giving it to him until his birthday. My mom also has plans to get him another game for it for his birthday, so we can switch up games for the kids.

    Henry has a water-filled play mat and he hasn't seemed to care about it yet. I got it when Spencer was too old for it so I only used it once then, and it's been filled with water and sitting on my floor for a month. As I type I put him on it and he seems to be a little more receptive.