Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 14 - Night Out!

Saturday, I spent the entire morning in sweats, because we were having a garage sale. We then met some friends (2 of my oldest friends - we met in Kindergarten and 1st grade, respectively) and their husbands for a triple date of a movie and dinner. (Saw Harry Potter, ate at a great new place that Cherry had a TON of gift certificates for and so no one had to pay for anything!) So I finally got to have an excuse to dress up a bit. My mom was babysitting both kids for the first time (it worked, but she had some troubles) and brought me an early Christmas present when she showed up - a new necklace that happened to go great with my outfit, so voila! a new look!

My outfit consists of those jeans that I'm sure everyone is getting sick of, my black criss-cross tank (Target) and a blue tencel over-shirt (Dress Barn, approximately 10 years ago) and my black boots (argyle knee socks underneath!). I'm wearing silver earrings (the kind I can't wear around the baby anymore since his fingers get caught in the rings and then he pulls accidentally) and my new necklace.


  1. Cute! I love the necklace! I never wear necklaces because I don't think I can pull off the cool funky ones like that. I occasionally wear normal small ones, but I don't have enough "cool" for a chunky funky one.

    PS - my husband would think I was insane for posting photos of outfits online, which is why I never had good shots ...

  2. GORGEOUS necklace.. love the color and design!! You look great!!

    I am also doing the mix and having fun, but also looking for ideas to shake it up for the next 15 days!!


  3. good luck on the 30/30! wish i'd signed up when it all began. it's too close to over now to get started:)