Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 9 Started out Fine

I won't say that this is my favorite outfit so far, but it was different and it was kinda interesting. I'm wearing a green, collared pull-over blouse from NY&Co (several years old - like 5, I think?) and my ever-present jeans. I considered wearing the sparkly green necklace from last Friday (LOVE that necklace) but thought it would be too similar to what I wore on Friday, so I went a different direction. I pulled out this hand-painted, silk scarf my grandmother gave me a million years ago. (Seriously. I think it's been in this box for more than half my life. I like it, but what does a 13 or 14 year old do w/ a silk scarf? Especially one with stick-figure people on it?) and tied it at the V so it was kind of like a necklace/kind of like trim around the neckline. It was cute. To mix it up further - and to give a nod to my childhood roots - I put my hair in a low pony tail, loosened it slightly to soften it about my face and added a scrunchie to the pony tail holder (scrunchies never stayed in my hair without help - ever) I added my heart locket and some silver, gold and green earrings and voila! A look is born.

I even went out in this outfit! I loaded up the kids and took them up to my dad's shop where we hung out w/ my dad's manager and my dad for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, I forgot to put on breast pads when I got dressed and just before I fed the baby, I noticed a mildly wet spot on my blouse. I thought I might be able to cover it up w/ the scarf, but then when I fed him, I began to leak much more profusely. I had 2 targets on my chest by the time the baby was done eating and... sigh. I'm telling you - mothers of babies are not meant for 30 for 30 challenges. I had to grab whatever shirt I could find from my pile of dry cleaning that was waiting for me (my dad owns dry cleaners - so I was actually at the cleaners when I stained my clothes) and give my blouse (dry cleaning recommended, of course) to my dad to fix, but it was too late to save it for today, as they were long done cleaning and pressing by this time. Ah well.

Mondays are always hard for pictures, so you get my crazy bits and pieces today.

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