Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 8 Monday, Sunday

I wore my 30 for 30 clothes yesterday, but the outfit was lackluster. Seeing as the furthest I ventured from my house was the grocery store and that I'd had very little sleep the night before, that I even put forth the effort was commendable. But I didn't take a picture. Does it count? I'm gonna say it does, since I stuck to the rules.

I wore my black v-neck tee (Target - this season!) and jeans and added a long necklace w/ pink clustered crystals. It was obtained from my mom's house, but this was piece of jewelry that she and I shared eons ago and I don't remember who it actually belonged to, only that I left it behind (on purpose, thinking I'd never wear it again) when I moved out. I confess that I threw on my Birkenstocks to go to the grocery store (as predicted - they were part of my 30 for 30 since I knew I would cave. But I think it's the first time I've worn them in public all week, so that's something)

I'm struggling w/ this challenge already - not because I can't come up w/ different combinations, but because they don't work with my life. I abhor tucking things in because A) I have to untuck every 2 hours to feed Little Man and B) I'm still trying to lose weight and tucking in a shirt and then taking a picture of myself makes me realize just how fat I really am right now.

We had a good day around the house, despite the rough night before and the kids not feeling 100% (Fuss had some tummy upset and a mild fever while she was out w/ her aunts the day before. I will sum all of that up by complaining that my sisters-in-law bought and gave my toddler medicine (acetaminophen) without so much as calling to ask me if that was okay. I even talked to my one SIL for a minute or 2 after Fuss had thrown up twice and was not told that that had happened. I don't know that I would have had them do any different, but I feel that I should be informed and consulted when my child shows signs of being ill while in their care. Is that too much to ask?)


  1. That was my whole weekend with clothes - I was terrible and I refused to take pictures :)

    Sorry the kids weren't feeling good! I hope they get better soon!

  2. I would be furious if anyone other than my husband gave my child medicine without asking!