Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 5 (Take 2)

I started out with a completely different outfit, but it got destroyed in the first hour - before I'd even had time to finish my hair and take a photo, so you get Take 2. I think my friend April might be right - SAHM aren't meant for 30 for 30 challenges. (though, at least in my case, we may need them more than most)

I ended up w/ chocolate all over my khaki pants this morning, but I WAS trying to mix it up a bit, since I know we're all sick of me in jeans. But.... alas, it wasn't meant to be.

So jeans, a brown t-shirt (Target - recently) and my brown shoes. Pretty basic, nothing special. But I added a scarf I got from my mom as a belt and went so far as to tuck in my shirt, despite the having to untuck it ever couple of hours to feed the baby. (Proof, however, that I need to lose more of the baby weight. The tucked in t-shirt makes me look huge) I changed up my jewelry a bit to an ancient (at least 50 years old) chain that used to be my Gramma's (she's still around, but has given up a lot of her unused jewelry) and some bright gold triangle earrings. I dug out my old newsboy hats (can't remember - probably Target, circa 2001?) put my hair up and tucked it into the hat. Overall, I think it's cute and I love the excuse to break out my hats again (trying to come up with a way to wear my favorite one...) and I'm trying to try new things instead of my usual SAHM uniform of a t-shirt and jeans.

I'm learning how hard it is to put effort into my appearance day after day and I'm not even a week into this. I am learning how much work my closet needs and how most of my wardrobe is really old (I have 6 pieces in my 30 for 30 that were bought in the last year. Everything else is older - dating back to 15 years older. And there is not much else in my closet that is younger.) I'm trying to be creative, but I'm running into functional roadblocks.

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  1. I like all the browns you're doing here. They're very warm, it's pretty!