Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 15

Sunday's outfit happened by accident. We were hosting Thanksgiving at our house for our immediate families (those we have lived with at our childhood primary residences and their current significant others and offspring). Basically, the only one we were missing was Gigi (my Gramma). I had lofty goals of looking nice and polished and they were screwed up by the discovery of an unknown huge wet spot found on my jeans when they were discovered on the floor of the bathroom. Since we're having potty wars around here (ie. Fuss is putting forth some potty training efforts - finally) I didn't risk it and had to hurredly wash my jeans. Unfortuantely, I never finished drying them until the day was over - laundry got started, but they never made it the dryer while I was dealing w/ all the preparation and celebrations.

I wore my short-sleeved collared green knit shirt w/ that shiny green crystal necklace I love so much and my jean shorts. All were pieces from my 30, so I figure it counts, but the combination of dressy on top and shorts (and maternity shorts at that!) was not exactly in the plan. But no pictures - we ran out of time.

Fuss is working on her potty skills and we're giving Cookie Monster hand stamps as rewards. So far so good. We're talking one or 2 times a day, but I'll take that over the extreme resistance we've been having lately.

Count down to Disney - one more day! We leave tomorrow and we'll spend a little time at Downtown Disney on Tuesday before spending the day in the park on Wednesday. I'm a little frustrated, since I don't think my SIL is willing to push back bed time on the night we are there so that we can stay for the fireworks and such. I may simply suggest that they take their girls back to the hotel and we'll see them later, since I know Caro can stay up for them and would enjoy them a lot. Plus, you spend so much on tickets and such that I kinda want to make the most of it and spend all the time we can in the park.

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