Friday, November 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes: Very Random Edition

1. This week Fuss has been driving me bonkers. In no particular order she has dumped an entire salt shaker all over my living room, screamed through half a trip to Target, destroyed one of my eye liners, flooded the hallway and dining room (in separate ways and occasions) and torn apart my living room repeatedly. I could actually do a Quick Takes on the many ways she has tried to drive me to drink this week, but no one wants to read that.

2. I discovered the beauty of the smell of classic Whisk laundry detergent this week, thanks to a tip on the Style Lush Blog. I still can't use it on all of our clothes (specifically the baby's) but I'm using it on our sheets and towels and such and I LOVE it. Everything smells so fresh. I still have half a bottle of generic brand scented fabric softener, so I can't vouch for the idea that classic Snuggle softener makes it even better, but I'm loving the Whisk!

3. I just ran out of Limoncello liquor. I love that stuff and I'm going to have to talk my husband into getting more. It's my favorite liquor - it tastes like sweetened liquid Lemonheads and is delicious in a drink I copied and altered from some restaurant called a Cosmocello. Awesome.

4. We're supposed to get chilly weather here this weekend and I'm psyched. I'm actually going to get to dress the baby in a sleeper for the first time (he gets very warm in just his onesies and a light blanket, so I don't dare cover him even more most days/nights). I can't wait to see how cute he is in this little football sleeper.

5. We're going back to our cash-only budget this month. We've been so bad the last 3 months with the arrival of the baby and my husband's raise at work, etc. But we're getting back on track, so wish me luck!

6. I'm less than 3 weeks away from our Disney trip and I am so excited. Fuss can't wait for the combination of visiting Mickey and hanging out with her cousins. I can't wait to sit back and watch her enjoy it all!

7. I didn't sign up for NaBloPoMo this year, but I'm planning to do the challenge anyhow. I may miss a day or so while we're in Orlando, though, so I didn't want to make the official committment and then blow it. Other than that, I hope to have a daily post - even on the weekends. See you tomorrow!

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  1. I put Henry in a sleeper this morning, because my house is COLD and he has a COLD and dern it, he looks so cute. It's a blue and red striped sleeper with feeties and Spencer took one look at him and said "he's a tiger!"

    I would love to go to Disney ... I'm waiting for my in-laws to suggest that they take us. They suggested it before Spencer was born, so I think they are now waiting for Henry to be old enough to enjoy it a little or at least be aware - maybe spring?

    I thought about NaBloPoMo, but then I missed 11/2 so eh. I've made up for it in amount of posts, but not specific days. Not gonna worry about it though!