Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 12 - (Pictureless)

My outfit today succumbed to an attack of salsa - and this time it wasn't even the kids' fault. But no pictures. It wasn't a great one anyway - a t-shirt and jeans w/ my Birks - and this was by design. I spent the day cleaning some more and hanging out at Tires Plus getting my oil changed and my brakes done before our trip next week. (Ironically, both my Kindle and my cell phone died while I was there. I talked to my BFF for a bit - probably part of the reason my phone died - watched some Regis and Kelly and read an old issue of People magazine - the only magazine that wasn't car or fishing related while I was there. I also had to feed the baby.)

I'm actually sort of proud of myself. I realized it was oil change time and made all my own arrangements (for a babysitter for Fuss and made an appointment) w/ no prompting from my husband! Very proud. The house is coming along, too, but it's hard sometimes! I'm trying to leave some of the tasks for later because I know that Fuss or one of us adults will just come back and mess it up, but then I look around and see all this mess and get discouraged.

The other night I was making a packing list for our Disney trip next week. 2 nights, 2 days out of town (and Fuss's first time - at least in her memory - of staying in a hotel. And she is really particular about her sleeping sometimes) and 2 kids under 3... I asked my husband if he could think of anything I had forgotten. He said no, just the usual stuff, the obvious stuff and it's just like any other trip to Orlando... and I held up the legal pad I was making the list on - the full page of things I needed to bring with us for ourselves and the kids and he said, "right, so like I was saying, it's a completely different situation this time around..."

We've never taken little kids to Disney before. In the couple of dozen times I've been to Walt Disney World, I was either the kid myself, or the youngest in our group were teenagers who could at least somewhat fend for themselves. (Back when we were the leaders of our former church's Youth Group) or it was just us/all adults. And taking a newborn... oh, how much stuff you need for a newborn!

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