Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 1 - it's just begun

(I seem to be having issues with uploading pictures. Hopefully, it will come back soon)
Day 1 of 30 for 30
I was going to start Monday, but decided Sunday was as good as any and since I had my list finalized, why nota i?
My outfit today was very "me" despite the fact that the vest (Dress Barn) itself is new (had worn it briefly shortly after I got it, but it's been too hot lately) but the shirt... could possibly date back to high school, I think. It's from Paul Harris - a now defunct clothing company that at one time supplied approximately 85% of my wardrobe (yes, I'm serious. The other 15% was my school uniforms and a couple of church dresses). It's a classic piece that will likely never go out of style (however, seeing the pictures proves that I may ultimately want to purchase a white, cotton button down in a more appropriate size. It's a little snug through my middle...) The jeans are my one and only pair that fit (new-ish from Lee, bought at Kohls), the shoes are a couple of years old, and the label has worn off. My accessories are pretty typical for me. A small pendant necklace (this one happens to be my "push present" from when Little Man was born - a silver and sapphire pendant) and simple, small silver and blue earrings - a gift from my SIL this past birthday.


Fuss moved into her Big Girl room this weekend. I am so happy with how things turned out. I still have to make her curtains (no access to a sewing machine right now. I swear, if I knew someone who could sew I'd be willing to pay them to make the darn things.) so there are ugly navy blue curtains currently covering her windows, but otherwise it looks great. (pictures to come when blogger isn't being a pill)

Little Man has been especially fussy this weekend - I'm blaming gas. He has been just so cranky in the evenings.

Daddy Fuss should get to work from home most of the week, so that's pretty exciting. I'm hoping to get my nails done while I have someone to sit w/ the munchkins at home for a bit!

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