Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 6 - Green and Sparkly

I had MOPs on Friday morning (I'm posting the day after I wear the outfit) so there is usually a frantic rush through my closet to find something that will be attractive on me and that I didn't wear LAST month but that doesn't look like I'm trying TOO hard because - hey, it's just a bunch of moms... (to prove my point, some moms don't bother to dress at all. One woman today was wearing velour pants (like to a jogging suit) and a completely mismatched top. I won't judge her too harshly, as she is pregnant, and I know how hard it can be to find comfortable clothes when you are pregnant, but... the outfit was awful)

But I like this outfit. Partially, this is because this is my favorite color and partially because I absolutely LOVE the necklace I'm wearing (borrowed from my mom - and she told me that I HAD to give it back. I'm bummed. It's terrific. It's this gorgeous green color and iridescent and very sparkly and while before this challenge, I never wore long necklaces, I am really into this one. I put on black heels w/ my jeans - I love that look on other people and I think it really dresses up an outfit to wear fancy shoes w/ jeans. Even though I have difficulty walking/driving in heels. (I'm not overly klutzy, but I don't feel graceful in them unless I concentrate on walking.)

(Shirt: Loft - last winter, Necklace: borrowed from mom - I believe she picked up at an antique shop)

But this >>> is my favorite picture of me today. This is the best accessory ever.

Several times today at MOPs the discussion of having a boy vs a girl came up. I was honestly able to tell everyone that while I was terrified of having a boy, I am MADLY in love with my son. He is wonderful and I can't get enough of him.

Now, excuse me please, I hear him waking from his nap and it's time to go smile at him.

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