Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I had a case of the Mondays (Day 22)

There has been an upswing in the amount of baby vomit in this house lately. This makes doing 30 for 30 difficult. On Monday, before I had even done my make-up and decided whether or not my new (gifted!) hat was going to be part of my outfit (it never made it) I had been drooled and spit up on. Twice. But for the record, I was wearing my blue v-neck (Loft) and my jeans. I had my chunky blue necklace on and was debating on the hat.

Around noon, the baby began having a meltdown. Seriously. He would scream his head off if I so much as set him down for a millisecond. If I even sat down while holding him, he would yell and cry. He liked looking at the Christmas tree lights, but I couldn't set him down even while looking at them. hen

At the same time, Fuss decided it was time to get serious about this potty training thing and needed help with that. And when I couldn't drop everything to help her the exact second she demanded it, she had a melt down too!

I FINALLY got the baby settled and put him down for a nap. Then Fuss wanted to snuggle and watch TV before her naptime. I had a horrible headache, but she and I made it through her show and she went to bed fairly easily. I did some dishes (my kitchen over flows), fed the baby and put him back down (he didn't seem to want to be awake) and then attempted to lay down myself. I hadn't been down for long when Little Man stirred and fussed, but I was able to quiet him quickly by replacing his paci. He woke up after an hour, though, ready to eat again (early) and still very fussy.

I was worried he was having an ear problem since he wanted to be straight up, not angled at all and if I laid him down, he'd scream so much!

Fuss got up a little later and repeatedly went to the potty successfully all afternoon long! We're still using pull-ups because she isn't 100% yet (most of her pull-ups were soiled somehow even with her frequent trips to the potty, but that's okay! She's doing SO much better!)

My husband had a softball game at 8:30. Often, I will take the kids to his games, even when they are that late (they rotate times) but as stressed as I was (and I didn't think my MIL would be coming to help corral Fuss) I didn't think I could handle it. But my husband knew I needed to get out of the house, so he called his mom and convinced her to come and help me out and we went. (This puts Fuss to bed late, but then she sleeps in the next morning, so it works well, usually.) It was fun - he won and both Fuss and Little Man were much happier and much more tired out by the time we got home.

I was tired. I fed the baby (who wanted to eat and eat and EAT) and went to bed. He was wide awake, so my husband stayed up with him until he could get him to sleep (thanks, hun!) and we all had a good night's sleep.

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