Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 10 - Yee haw!

I was hoping for a Western look today - I actually had hoped to borrow a big belt buckle to really put it over the top, but that didn't work out - but I think I may have missed. It's okay, all in all the outfit wasn't a disaster or anything...

I'm wearing my jeans (of course) with my blue Loft v-neck tee. I added silver and turquoise earrings that my mom bought on our big family vacation to Colorado when I was 10. (Our only big family vacation. Usually, my mom and I would take summer vacations with my grandparents and dad would stay home. When I got older, my dad would occasionally take us for a long weekend to a short trip somewhere nearby - if the long weekend included a Monday holiday that the store was closed anyhow. He hates to miss work.) I added a huge turquoise ring that my grandfather made for my mother (that desperately needs some silver polish) which only fit my pinkie, but it was still cute. (She actually has a whole set of turquoise jewelry that my grandfather - my dad's dad - made for her. She gave me the ring eons ago, but still wears the bracelet periodically, and the chain on the necklace broke and needs to be repaired. I tossed a black belt on over my shirt and left it a little loose so it would hang a bit. I think this is the element that doesn't look quite right, but then, I'm a little unsure of this look even when the outfit comes with a belt, so I think I might have a bias against it. And of course, I had to wear my boots today, because no self-respecting cow girl would be wearing Birkenstocks or dressy heels on the range. haha. I tossed my hair into high a pony tail - not because it was easiest, but because it seemed to go with the outfit. (I'm not really much of a pony tail because I'm lazy sort of person. Honestly, my lazy hairstyle usually leans more toward pulling the sides back and clipping it with a barrette.)

I took these "part" pictures early in the day and was hoping that I'd have the opportunity to have my husband take some pictures later. Since he didn't get home until 9PM, and by then I was in my pajamas, that didn't happen. I will tell you, though, that I sacrificed for fashion - I wore my heeled boots to the mall and my feet were screaming by the time we were done. I am usually much more practical than that.

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