Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 17, 18, 19, 20: to Disney and Back Again

On Tuesday, we left for Orlando w/ my SIL (LB), her husband and 2 daughters and my MIL. (MIL drove with me.) We met my SIL J over there, as she had been in Orlando on Monday and Tuesday for a conference. LP and my husband came over later once my husband got off work at 7PM.

Dinner was horrible - we went to an expensive, unimpressive Mexican restaurant at Downtown Disney and both 2 year olds caused problems while we were there. My niece used the potty when we first got there and then Fuss got jealous, so she demanded to use the potty, too. Only she didn't really have to go. So she and I spent 15 minutes with her sitting on the potty in the bathroom while our food arrived and got cold and she wouldn't willingly get off the pot. I was really putting forth an effort to keep my cool, so I finally had to scoop her up and remove her physically from the seat, put her diaper back on and distract her with hand washing. (She loves washing her hands.)

That day, I wore casual clothes, since we were primarily preparing for and traveling to our destination. My black v-neck shirt, denim shorts and Birks.

Wednesday was THE day. I dressed in my seafoam green t-shirt (Motherhood - yes, it's a maternity shirt, but it's long and I knew I'd be spending the bulk of the day with my Moby wrap on and that the longer shirt would be helpful) and my jeans. I admit a small cheat - I wore my sneakers, which were not part of my 30 (I hate them, but for all-day walking, that's really all I've got) but they weren't part of a fashion statement - they were all functional. The kids were dressed in their Mickey Mouse t-shirts and they were adorable. More on our experience in a different post.

I took Thursday off from 30 for 30. I somehow hadn't packed any more tops that were in my 30.

On Friday, though, I wore my jeans w/ a black sweater with white collar and cuffs and my boots for our family pictures. (All the pictures are on the photographer's camera) I was melting by the time we got home, (it was SUPPOSED to be a cooler day - someone forgot to tell the weather) so I changed into my bright green v-neck (Loft) until the baby spit up on me. I honestly don't remember what I wore after that.

Saturday, I was looking forward to a low-key day with my family - some shopping, some errands, lunch out... but I dressed up anyhow. I wore my jeans with my periwinkle blue sleeveless shirt with a sequined neckline and my blue corduroy blazer. It looked great. I wore my black heels and my sapphire pendant necklace.

I went shopping on Saturday out of necessity. I was down to 1 nursing bra, so I had to go to the mall and visit Motherhood. Other than the 2 bras, I behaved myself.

It's been a crazy week. I am going to be sad to see my husband return to work tomorrow, but I think other than that, I am glad it is over.


  1. Where did you go to eat the Mexican? I never know where to eat dinner in Orlando so we are often unimpressed. We used to go all the way there simply to eat at Jungle Jims, but ever since they closed we've been at a loss.

  2. April - It was called Paradiso 37 at Downtown Disney. I do NOT recommend. We went to Lonestar on Thursday (the only one left in the state) and had a great food and great service (helped that we were practically the only table there, though I've almost always received good service at Lonestar). We wanted to go to Rainforest Cafe, but they were booked. I've been to a New England-style seafood place in Orlando and it was good.