Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 2 - Something (Not So) New

My outfit today is again, basic "me" (this is the beginning of said challenge after all!). Those same jeans (you'll be seeing them a lot!), a black v-neck t-shirt (Target) and a tencel jacket I bought with my birthday money off of ebay a couple years ago (Coldwater Creek), along with my new black ankle boots (Kohls). I did my hair in a high bun, which I haven't been able to manage in a good long while (though I frequented this look in high school and college) and I learned from my pictures on day 1, that I desperately needed to trim my bangs, so I did. (About half the pictures we took, Day 1 my bangs were screwy from being too long or in my face and hiding my eyes, etc.) I was going to tuck in my t-shirt and wear a basic black belt, but then I realized how un-breastfeeding friendly that would be, and threw my hands up and shrugged. I dug in my jewelry boxes and found some earrings that I love, but I don't wear often enough and a necklace I made several years ago (8?) that I haven't worn in... at least 5 years. So yay! I actually had forgotten about the necklace, so yippee for finding a new treasure in stuff I already had.

I love the tencel jacket, but I don't get to wear it often enough. The color is a favorite and I am a very tactile-motivated person (I've been known to buy something just because it feels so nice!) so I love wearing tencel in general.

I am putting on make-up every day (yes, it's only been 2 days, officially, but in thinking about my appearance a little more, I even did some of this on Friday), choosing my jewelry and doing my hair. I'm also putting some thought into shoes instead of simply throwing on my Birkenstocks, so that's a point in the favor of doing this project already!

I confess, I went to the mall the other day. I didn't pay a cent (except for lunch) but I had to redeem my VS "free pantie" coupon before it expired, so I picked those up. I went straight to VS, and came straight back because I knew that stopping to look would be bad. I keep thinking of basic essentials that I need to replenish my wardrobe and accessories that would be nice to have. This IS having an effect on my thoughts, I admit.

Still having problems w/ Blogger uploading pictures, so here is another Flickr link for outfit #2. Mondays are hard around here, so I had to take the picture of myself in my mirror - please excuse the messy bed in the background. Also: please note a minor infraction: the baby threw up all over my jeans before I had the chance to take a picture, so they were in the wash and I had to throw on my maternity jeans (which don't fit real well - which is probably a good thing!) to go out and that's what I was wearing to take the picture. He threw up all over those, too, so it was a good thing I did that load of laundry so I could stop smelling of baby vomit.

(there is another post today - my usual 10 on Tuesday)

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