Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Headaches - real and toddler-related

How did it become December already? Times flies...

So excited because we're getting cold weather - we're not expected to see 70 today! (I know you northerners are rolling their eyes, but yesterday? My AC kicked on when my in-house temperature reached 83, so you can see how happy this makes me!)

We had a leak in our closet recently and about half my 30 for 30 is in the bag to go to the cleaners. So I skipped yesterday, though I DID put together an outfit complete with coordinating jewelry, etc. I am very excited about today's outfit, though, but I think you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it, since the only camera with batteries is the one I can't off-load from onto my computer, so I have to wait until the husband comes home.

My head continues to pound - it's been a daily thing this week. I thought it was stress, but someone pointed out that it could be hormone related by comparing the baby's age... However, right now we're talking constant squeezing/pounding that began without ceasing late last night (I had a headache during the day, but it got better before it got worse) and my toddler's whining is driving me up the wall.

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