Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 on Tuesday on Wednesday (again)

1. From your childhood, what do you miss most about summer vacation?
Vacations. My mom and I (and my grandparents, usually) always went on a trip of some sort for a week or more. We can't afford to do that right now, but I loved it.

2. Are you going anywhere on vacation this summer?
Nope. we were going to go visit family in AL, but now we can't afford to go (gas is SO expensive and we just spent all our savings on the darn car)

3. What foods do you like to barbecue?
Well, I used to hate to BBQ, but I've found some other styles of BBQ sauce that I enjoy (I can't stand standard KC-style BBQ sauce - too sweet). We BBQ ribs and chicken.

4. How do you celebrate the fourth of July?
The last few years have involved a party at my friend Cherry's parents beach condo and then a trip outside to watch the fireworks on the beach.

5. What’s your favorite beverage to drink in the summertime?
Lemonade. And margaritas. (but I like those year round)

6. What movie are you looking forward to seeing this summer?
Something Borrowed? I dunno. I haven't been paying attention to what is coming out.

7. In the car: windows down or AC?
AC. I get headaches from the constant road noise.

8. Have you ever had a summer fling?

9. Do you wear sunscreen?
I am a pale, freckled red-head. If I don't wear sunscreen, I become a walking lobster. I don't tan.

10. Do you have any favorite summertime activities?

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