Monday, June 27, 2011


MEDS - I've realized that my constant tiredness is a side-effect of the meds - there is a time period in the middle of the day where I can barely keep my eyes open. Before the meds, I was tired from lack of sleep and would have been willing to sleep all day to escape my life. Now, I'm having to fight to stay awake and I'm "self-medicating" with extra caffeine during the day and taking some mid-day naps when the kids are asleep. My friends assure me that I will adjust to it and not feel so sleepy soon. I can take it for a little while, though I do find it annoying!

MISSING MY HUSBAND - My husband left this morning for his week-long trip. I'm anxious about how things will go.

MOM - My mom was unreachable on Friday night and my Gramma got worried and called me. I started calling and texting both she and my step-dad. When my step-dad called me back, he said that she'd gone out at 4:00 with a co-worker "for a drink" and hadn't come home yet. He confessed that he was a little worried about her alcohol intake of late and she wouldn't talk to him about it. He told me the next day that they finally had a really good talk that afternoon about it and he's optimistic that things will improve. I'm still worried about her. I don't know what to say to her if anything at all.

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