Thursday, June 30, 2011

Treading Water...

Two and a half days of no help at all with 2 kids, one of whom is teething and one of whom had a stomach bug - and I am broken. I fell apart yesterday. Called everyone, no one answered, cried over the phone to my out-of-town husband... sobbed some more.

Eventually, my mom and my MIL came over and helped out. My mom cleaned up my house a bit while my MIL took the kids out to dinner and wore them out/kept them out of my hair. I still barely slept, but at least it was a rest AND some work got done around the house.

My mom, who had gotten off work early for the day under the guise of helping me out had "fallen asleep in the other room" and didn't hear her phone ringing. Seriously? And then she had the nerve to list all these errands she needed to do before coming over... I told my husband I was ready to smack her. He surmised that it was sort of like telling a starving person that they were late because they got caught up at the buffet line...

While the baby did sleep through the night, Fuss was up several times with tummy explosions throughout the night, so I still only scored about 5 hours (non-consecutive) of sleep.

I have also done something to my back and I'm hurting something awful. My sisters-in-law are taking Fuss for the bulk of the day today and I promised her we could have a movie night tonight after her nap. I need to get to Target to buy some toilet paper (among other things) and I have no idea when I'm going to get to that. I'm actually hoping I can convince my SIL to stay with the kids when she drops Fuss off so I can go alone. Right now, a few minutes of alone time sounds like heaven.

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