Thursday, June 16, 2011


Somewhere around mid-morning every day, I get a blistering, blinding headache. I described it as my face feeling like it was on fire. It pounds and aches and throbs and hurts so bad I want to put a knife in my head to cut off the hurting part. I take Tylenol and it does NOTHING. Sometimes I take Excedrin Migraine which dulls it, but I'm not supposed to take a ton of that while nursing.

I bribe Fuss with snacks and Netflix movies and usually the baby is asleep or willing to go down around this time, so I can curl up and moan quietly for a few minutes. It's awful. Not even my daily dose of caffeine is helping anymore. I don't think this is a caffeine headache. But I don't know what it IS. Is it my teeth? Because that's part of the pain. It is my neck/shoulder that is so tight? Is it the stress I've been dealing with? Whatever it is, I'm hoping it gets resolved soon, because this is awful.

I'm tired. My first pill made me nauseous and I was still incredibly grumpy all day. (Of course. I didn't really expect to have it be a miracle pill that cured me of the bad attitude in mere hours. But it's like now I'm more aware of it - that I shouldn't be feeling this way - and it makes it both better and worse at the same time.)


  1. Do you think the headaches might be hormonal? Maybe the BCP will help?