Thursday, June 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes (sorry for all the lists lately)

1. Wedding this weekend. Looking forward to it. Looking forward to leaving Fuss with her Aunt J and Oma. She's been a real handful lately. She's a joy one minute and a dramatic, whiny pill the next. So we could use a little break from each other.

2. The Little Man had his 9-month well-baby check up yesterday and he's in the 50th percentile for head, height, and weight. He also has his Daddy's flat feet that we want to keep our eye on. He got one shot and has been fussy, but hopefully tonight will be better than the last few.

3. I'm more than 2 weeks late on my period. I'm still getting negative HPTs and it's probably just the nursing messing with my hormones or something, but seriously? I have never wanted my period to just DO something already.

4. Things are tight financially these days... and when I'm stressed, I want retail therapy, which is, in turn, causing a little more stressed.

5. I LOVE online shopping. But it's causing me some difficulties. I can find all these wonderful things without even having to drag the kids to the stores, but I can't actually buy the things I find, even when they are a GREAT deal.

6. I think I might love tickling and kissing and hugging my kids more than anything in the world. Seriously. They are both so much fun to cuddle and squeeze. And it gives me great joy to hear them laugh and giggle over and over again.

7. My SIL is in Aruba with one girlfriend and a cell phone without service. I know she's a big girl, but the idea of that terrifies me. I never, ever would have done that. Maybe I have no sense of adventure (and of course, I don't even have a passport. The furthest I've been is Canada and they didn't require passports back then, so obviously I'm not very adventurous.)

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