Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday's weekend in review

Blogger just ate my post. Grrr.

So - in review - great anniversary - wonderful dinner out - kids stayed up way too late with my mom and neither was asleep when we got home after 10:30. So yeah, my mom had some babysitting struggles.

Father's Day was good. My husband let me sleep in, made breakfast, took us to lunch and the wine store, let me get a nap, made dinner (I helped, but he did it) and helped me work on my organizing project by helping me completely reorganize our gigantic bookshelf and we've officially begun our reorganize and downsize project for the summer. So yay!

Feeling better about things... the hormones in the BCP must be helping, and I'm beginning to adjust to the Zoloft... I think. I dunno. Today I'm feeling more sleepy and foggy than usual. But! Yesterday I didn't have one of those awful, horrible headaches for the first time in a week, so that's progress!

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