Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby birthdays

My baby boy is 9 months old. I'm trying to plan his first birthday party and I'm STUCK. When Fuss was turning one, I had all these ideas for a theme. It was pink and green and was "Sweet Pea" themed. I handmade the invitations and I made the cake, I cleaned the decorated the house and we had all these people over for a party.

I cannot find a theme that I like, that works for my son's first birthday. Or rather, I can't find one I like that my husband also likes and I'm not in love with it enough to fight for it...
I'm scouring the internet. I've already booked a shelter at my favorite park, and I'm willing to make the invitations myself - as a matter of fact, I've been designing things and playing with ideas for days, even though I don't have a theme, so I don't really know what I want anyhow! Why is there no cute baby boy themes? Why does it all have to be Elmo and Dinosaurs?

I've thought about doing a Cookie Monster theme because I've made some really cute Cookie Monster cupcakes in the past, and I thought - hey! I can do that!

I kind of wanted to do a sailboat/nautical theme because that was one of my top choices for a boy-specific nursery theme that I didn't get to do because we were being smart! responsible! and went gender-neutral.

I've considered Cowboy, blocks, baby ducks, cupcakes and donuts. I'm afraid that cupcakes will be too much pressure when I go to make the cake/cupcakes. All the donut ideas seem to be PINK.

So, what to do?


  1. Cars, maybe? We live in Iowa and its already been pretty much determined our (not even born yet) son's first birthday party will be tractor themed.

    Margaret's was a kitty party, since her lovey was a stuffed cat. We ordered a cake that was a replica of the kitty. All the plates/cups/napkins just said "1st Birthday." Does little man have a lovey?

  2. The closest thing he has to a lovie is his blanket that I made him - it has baby foot and hand prints on it. Not so much opportune for the party theme. He has a couple of stuffed animals that he plays with (a dog, an elephant, a giraffe) but he has no MAJOR affinity for them.