Monday, June 6, 2011

What a pain in the tooth!

Oh goodness, my mouth hurts! I've got a couple of impacted wisdom teeth that are driving me crazy. The other night, I had pain bad enough to wake me up in the middle of the night and then, KEEP me awake. I raided an old pack of Baby Orajel to help me get back to sleep. I had to keep applying all weekend and now it's just a really, really uncomfortable pressure in my jaw.

Our benefits have all changed and I have no idea how to find out the info that I need to go see the dentist and hopefully get some relief. And the worst part of it is, even once I figure out my insurance issues, I'll still have to make an appointment, have a consult and then go back for the actual procedure, assuming that they want to pull the wisdom teeth, which I assume they will. So still gonna have to deal with this pain for awhile. Grrr.

In other news, the weekend was pleasant, tooth pain not withstanding. We spent the bulk of Saturday at my friend Rachel's wedding and I got to see a lot of old friends who are more like distant family. Fuss spent the day with her Aunt J and was, apparently, perfectly behaved. (This changed on Sunday - when we had problems over and over, but that seems to be the pattern lately - she spends a day with family and behaves amazingly well only to become a bratty child the next day with us.)

I'm hoping to be able to make some plans for this week, I but I have to get my dental issues dealt with/scheduled. I need to get out of the house. And I'm trying not to spend money.


  1. Wow, you still have your wisdom teeth? If they're impacted, they probably won't be able to pull them, right? I had my wisdom teeth pulled, since they came up like regular teeth, but where i live (and where i used to live) if they're impacted you have to go to an oral surgeon and be put under.

  2. Yeah, I'm actually trying to make an appointment with the oral surgeon. I'd rather be put under anyhow, as I HATE the dentist and hate having work done for any length of time. So yes, oral surgeon not simply "pulled"