Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thursday tired

On Thursday, I scrubbed my tub and grout on my hands and knees, folded several baskets of laundry, kept the kitchen sparkling, did a load or 2 (lost count) of laundry and just finished mopping the floor in the kitchen and great room. I also spent 2 hours at the mall w/ a friend and our kids trying to get a little exercise while we did some returns for her and other errands for the both of us.

I had some sort of weird emotional issue this evening when I found out my husband was in fact going to his weekly Bible study instead of coming home. I didn't quite cry, but I came close. Daddy Fuss ended up surprising me and skipping the study to make sure I was okay and sending me out for a short break to read at Panera for a 1/2 hour while he worked w/ my dad on the demo and watched Fuss. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately - he got a taste of what my most exasperating days are like w/ her) she managed to open the front door and let herself and the dogs go running around the front yard, then cover herself (nearly burying her legs, I guess) in dirt in the backyard while my dad and Daddy Fuss worked. Thankfully, he gave her a bath while he was waiting for me to bring home dinner, etc.

I'm tired. This nesting thing - this obsession with getting the house cleaned and getting organized, etc. is really wearing me out.

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