Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pregnant Pause

No 10 on Tuesday today. Chelsea's been on vacation.

But I'm still planning to steal her concept of "Pregnant Pauses" and tell you all the boring details of my pregnancy these days. Or at least the highlights.

  • I'm getting a lot of random Braxton Hicks contractions, a lot earlier than last time (which I'm told is normal), but also a lot more concerning (to me - my midwife is unconcerned) than last time. This weekend after a lot of - ahem - activity... I had 3 contractions in 15 minutes. And they were strong ones, too! But then they stopped and all was well again, so I didn't freak.
  • I'm starting to swell a little more than last time. I notice it in the evenings mostly and I don't remember swelling until my last month with Fuss.
  • I am so tired. But this is nothing new.
  • I am grumpier/moodier. I blame the testosterone from the boy vs. the estrogen from the girl, but I don't know that that's scientifically accurate. I am also noticing some weird tendancies to be less social than usual and that I absolutely CRAVE time with my husband, so it's been rough to have him even go to work or have him go spend time with other people when he could be at home with me. (For instance, I talked him out of going to a LAN party at a friend's house on Saturday. I just wanted him at home with me and Fuss.)
  • I'm having more random cravings. I've always been sort of a foodie (as in I like food, not that I'm a food snob) and I get in the mood for things and it's a strong desire, but this time it's been a lot more random and sporadic.

That's all I got for today. Fuss has been a handful (she woke at 6 and her first temper tantrum began at 6:05) and I am going to meet Daddy Fuss for lunch and he is going to take me to Krispy Kreme to satisfy a craving I've had lately. (the closest Krispy shop is pretty far, so it's hard to just run up and get one whenever I feel like it)

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  1. I think BH contractions are the most unfair thing in the entire stupid universe. Contractions that don't DO anything! LAME!