Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Too Darn Hot.

I don't think it is fair for my 2 favorite bloggers to go on vacation at the same time. Granted, Julia typically only posts once or sometimes twice a week, so I probably wouldn't be getting regular posts from her at this time, anyway, but geez. Maggie, on the other hand is typically a 5-day a week-er and I miss her.

The heat and humidity and general mugginess of the outdoors these days is taking every bit of energy I've got. I often skip the outdoors anyway, but I've been trying to keep my dad company more often lately since he's doing all this work on our house/new room and I feel bad that I can't help and my DH's hours don't often allow him to help much either. The other night my dad was here until after 7:00, and we agreed to go pick up the supplies from Home Depot for the next day. I was so hot and tired and I was really hoping Daddy Fuss would offer to take me out (for sushi) since it was late and something (I thought) was complicated was on the menu. He ended up simplifying it and doing it on the grill instead of cooking over the stove, but even still, I was SO tired I could barely put Fuss to bed. Once she was tucked in, I collapsed into the recliner and parked myself there for an hour.

Thankfully, today we had a really nice afternoon shower, which brought in some breeze and somehow ate up some of the mugginess. The rest of the afternoon was downright pleasant feeling (despite the lack of true sunshine) and I'm not feeling quite so drained this time around, despite the huge quantity of laundry I have accomplished this afternoon (and dishes, etc.).

I still want the sushi. But I think he's bringing me home some Krispy Kremes this evening, so that will help. I also still have to go to Target this evening, since Fuss was really not in the mood after we left work this morning and I obliged and took her home.

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