Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Things on a Wednesday, Cont.

1. Last week, we purchased/ordered my new wedding band. We bought my original diamond and yellow gold band at a promotional price of less than $100 (honestly, I think it was about $50, but that seems SO low, that it may have been closer to $90) and had ALWAYS planned to get another in a few years.
So, since this is our 5 year anniversary coming up, we thought it would be a good time to get a new one. Plus, I haven't been able to wear it in over a year and when I do, it has a weird channel in the back that traps water between the ring and my finger and gives me a horrible rash. So, it was time for an upgrade so that once again, I can wear both my engagement and wedding bands. I wanted to keep a similar look, since my engagement ring is a little fancy and a flashy anniversary ring or something would detract from it. And I LOVE my engagement ring (which my husband had re-sized for me over Christmas and I've been able to wear ever since) so I didn't want to take anything away from that.

2. My new couch is FAB-U-LOS. I love it. It goes perfectly with the rug in the living room and is so soft and supportive and pretty and comfy. And I no longer feel like I need help to get up and out of my couch! It's a great feeling to love the way my living room is coming together!

3. I am very much looking forward to our getaway next week for our anniversary. It will likely be less than 48 hours total, including drive-time, but I will take what I can get. I told my husband that the only thing I really wanted to do was have a really nice dinner and he's been researching restaurants for brunch, lunch and dinner. There is a Cajun place there that I loved when we were last there for our anniversary and several nice seafood restaurants that I remember being really good, too. I am looking forward to just relaxing with Daddy Fuss and not worrying about ANYTHING.

4. I'm gearing up to begin writing, I think. I keep getting little snippets of ideas for a story and while I don't have anything solid yet, I'm getting more and more into the idea, especially this summer when I've got a little more time on my hands and I want to be where there is AC anyhow. I may end up taking a page from Maggie's book and spending some evenings parked out at Panera or Starbucks with my laptop and leaving Daddy Fuss and Fuss at home on occasion to spend some dedicated writing time and I'm thinking that sounds more and more appealing lately.

5. This week, my husband has commitments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights after work, so each of those nights he will be home late. This gets to be frustrating for me, because I really look forward to him coming home in the evenings so that I can get a break from Fuss-patrol, but 2 out of the 3 nights are for free-lance jobs that he is taking on and I can't complain about him bringing in some extra money!

6. We had the misfortune of overdrawing our account repeatedly for 2 days before we realized it when we bought the couch. Daddy Fuss thought he had transferred the money to pay for it (I even asked him while we were filling out the paperwork) and for whatever reason, the transfer didn't go through, so every purchase we made for the rest of the weekend added another overdraft fee. Unfortunately, it may have cost us my new recliner and I am peeved about that. I really want that darn recliner.

7. Got to see my sister yesterday for the first time since Thanksgiving. Don't know when I'll get to see her again, since she's booked the rest of the summer and is expecting a baby(!) in January, so she's not sure how much she'll be up for traveling around the holidays. She's fairly sure she won't be interested in coming for Christmas, with her due date only a few weeks away (cannot blame her for that! I wouldn't want to be traveling the 10-12 hours w/ 4 kids at THIS point in my pregnancy, let alone toward the end!) And our own Thanksgiving plans are booking up fast, too - my SIL and family are coming down, we're taking the kids to Disney that week, we're hosting the meal at our house, as usual (but possibly on Friday).

8. Got my paperwork for my glucose test. So not looking forward to it. Though it will be an excuse for a babysitter, as I don't want to bring Fuss along to sit in the lab for an hour while I wait to get my blood drawn.

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  1. Have you talked to your bank about the overdrafts? If they can see evidence of the attempt to transfer, I'm sure they'll forgive the overdrafts. And even if there is no evidence of the transfer, they might reduce the number of overdrafts. I've only been overdrawn once, but when I went and talked to the bank about it, they forgave ALL of the overdrafts if I signed up for overdraft protection (where they automatically transfer money from savings to checking when checking is negative).