Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Stuff on a Wednesday

1. My friend Jo had her baby yesterday after successfully completing a home birth VBAC. Her little girl was born healthy and fine and while the way she tells the story, it was WAY more intense than she thought it was going to be, I think it all went well.

2. My daughter has begun to notice the marketing, even on PBS where really the only major sponsors are the "Raisin Lady" (Sunmade Raisins) and now she looks in the pantry and asks for raisins and says "there's the Raisin Lady, right there!"

3. She has taken to making up songs and singing them to me/us several times a day. She tries to get us to sing along, but usually they are gibberish with no real tune, so we can either say we don't know that song or we can just make up something as she dances and sings and bee-bops around.

4. I just finished Take Three by Karen Kingsbury and I think it might be one of her best so far. She did an incredible job of making you want more (there is another book in the series) and also satisfying you with the story lines moving forward in the direction you were SO ready to have them move in. It also looks like she is finally going to show a good side of a positive, domestic adoption (in several of her books, I feel like she is giving such a bad light to those, and I feel like she's not giving them justice.)

5. My Gramma gave me some money yesterday to buy something for Fuss. She said either something fun or diapers or whatever she needs. She always needs diapers, of course, but the only other things she REALLY needs right now is another pair of shoes. Since we are still buying predominantly Stride Rite shoes, the money will only pay for about half, but that would still be useful! But at the same time, I would love to get her something fun, too - my top thoughts are either this plastic tea party set I've seen that she seems really interested in or an Abby Cadabby doll I saw recently that she was enamored with at a restaurant the other day. I want to get her something for when the baby comes (or the showers, not sure yet) so she doesn't feel like she is the only one not getting presents, etc. Decisions, decisions.

6. Work today. And then we are meeting my husband for lunch. I'm hoping for sushi, since we just discovered that our favorite local sushi restaurant went out of business when we tried to get some on Monday night. I am bummed.

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