Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. I have to renew my driver's license this year (before the end of the summer and my birthday) and I just received a notice that I would have to do so in PERSON and supply a ton of documentation to prove I am who I say I am, instead of taking my current driver's license and just updating it, as they have done in the past. I am not looking forward to this, especially 7+ months pregnant and with a toddler in tow. (I'm hoping my SILs or a friend or something can watch her when I go, but I am afraid it may be more complicated than it needs to be, since I have a shouldn't-be-but-is complicated naming issue that has me with 2 different legal names, one letter apart.) I will be attempting to do this as soon as possible, so that if the complications arise, I have time before my license expires to get it sorted out.

2. The last time this issue came up, I had just gotten married and I was trying to get my married name put on my driver's license. I actually had a woman tell me that my marriage wasn't valid because my name was "misspelled" on my marriage license and that my husband would have to get his marriage annulled and we would need to get remarried. (That was not the case, thank goodness, but I was incredibly upset by it all at the time. It ended up being resolved fairly easily, but there was some emotional trauma at the time.

3. My recliner gets picked up this afternoon! I am psyched! I was able to get the recliner I wanted on sale (the first time it's been even remotely discounted since we started looking at it a several months ago and I am so happy about that!)

4. I am trying to put more thought into my decorating choices these days. I have the opportunity to rearrange and put a little bit of effort and money into my living room, our new bedroom, and Fuss's new big-girl room over the next few months. When we bought the house, I tried to do it all at once and I think I settled a for what I could do and afford at the time, instead of doing it bit by bit with a better idea of what I wanted as the end result. The new furniture (the couch and the recliner) are going a long way to fill in my current situation of mish-mashed furniture (I call the look hand-me-down-garage-sale-chic)

5. I began writing a story this week. I have a very short amount of words written up, based on a thought/dream I had earlier in the week. The problem is, I have no character names as of yet, and I have no ending in mind at all. And it's a little depressing. So I may scrap it and start something else. I think it could be really good, though, if I can pull it together, so I'm going to save what I've got and hopefully come back to it some day, if I don't come up with characters/an ending for it soon.

6. I've been battling headaches this week. Again. Ugh.

7. Fuss threw a fit yesterday when she was supposed to be napping and ended up with no nap at all. I put her to bed early and we skipped Mother/Daughter movie night and she went to bed at a reasonable time instead of later than usual which we do on a Thursday night so that Daddy Fuss can see her before bed on his Bible Study nights.

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  1. I want to see your recliner! Where did you get it?

    DRAMA with the name! Crazy! When my niece was born in December, they misspelled her last name so my brother and SIL have been filling out piles of paperwork to get it fixed. Ridiculous.

  2. Chelsea, tell your brother and SIL that it's worth it to do it now. That's where my name troubles stemmed from. My mom named me a name in the hospital and they misspelled it. My dad didn't like that my name wasn't easy to spell, so he convinced her (when she was sick and on pain meds from a complication w/ my birth) to just let it go. But I prefer the name she wanted to give me, not the common version. (there is only one letter difference, but I really like it) so I've gone by that as long as I can remember. It's quite confusing on paper. And it looks like I'm about to have some more trouble!

  3. so glad you got your recliner on discount I hate paying full value as well