Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Things on a Wednesday

1. Leg cramps. Ugh.

2. My dad is doing the concrete to level out the floor. It looks like backbreaking work and I'm guessing he's wishing he'd done this back in March or April! But it's coming along.

3. Just a couple more days until our anniversary trip! I cannot wait!

4. I have this spa package thing that expires in early September (when the baby is due) and I haven't yet done ANYTHING on it yet. Where is the time? Seems crazy that I haven't had the chance to do any of the relaxing, pleasant things on this list of items that I paid for... I am determined to get at least SOME of it done before the summer is over, but I have to come up with a babysitter in order to do them...

5. I came across this blog on school lunches in public schools yesterday and I am fascinated. I am reading it backwards, but it is really interesting. I went to a local private school growing up and was never impressed by the food there (by high school I skipped lunch entirely most days and would have either a snack and a drink or just a drink each day and have a better-tasting snack after school.) Anyway, I've discovered that I have some strong opinions on the logic of school lunches, etc. I confess, I do have a family friend who works in the school lunch industry and her info has made me take it all in with a different perspective than I would have otherwise, but even still. This blogger apparently usually eats rather healthily (she comments a couple of times that she got an unusual craving for pizza delivery which she hadn't had in over a year) and I cannot say the same for myself, though we try and have balanced meals most days and I serve Fuss very few high-sugar items, ever.

6. My dog is not feeling well. He hasn't had a meal in 2 days and yesterday he was extremely lethargic, which is not like him at all. If he doesn't eat tonight or tomorrow morning, I will have to take him to the vet. He seems to be improving slightly today - getting a little more energy, wagging his tail a lot more, trying to converse with the neighbor dog, but I am concerned. He tends to get an upset tummy, throw up once or twice and go without kibble for a day or so about twice a year, but this is much longer than usual and I am worried.

7. The glucose test went fine, but I won't know how I did for awhile (my appointment is over a week away. I don't know if my Dr's office will tell me ahead of time or not) but I know I was miserable by the time I left the lab - no caffeine or food until after 9:30 put my headache in the point of no return and I had to take a pill.

8. I cannot wait for my anniversary trip. I need a break. I need to get away. I am not in a happy mood at the moment and I need this.

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